Multi Kinect v2

Some screenshot of Multi-Kinectv2 Calibrator pre-alpha that we developed at & for the Microsoft Hackathon in Amsterdam.

Showing 3 sensors (more if you have more sensors & machines) calibrated in less than a second.

Unfortunately we couldn’t port our C++ skeletal streaming into Unity C# and finish a game concept in time, but still had lotsa fun!!


Note this is highly experimental internal pre-alpha code and not available for public testing as of yet.

However my intention is to develop this further into an add-on module for the Brekel apps for Kinect v2 in the future.





Sunday, September 7th, 2014 Kinect 66 Comments

Brekel Pro Hands released

First of all a big thanks to all beta testers trying it out in the last few months and providing feedback.


Brekel Pro Hands is now available in the online shop for $79.

With Trial versions and example data available from the public downloads page.


Drop me a mail if you want a full evaluation license including network streaming.

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Leap Motion, Tools 15 Comments

Jesse Davey creates new music video for The Feud using Pro PointCloud

Jesse Davey recently directed and created all the effects for the new music video for band “The Feud” for the song “This is Love”.

The clip was shot using a Microsoft Kinect and the Pro PointCloud application.
You can find more about Jesse here:
And more about the band here:

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3D Sensor Extravaganza at EUE2014

Hear yee hear yee!

My talk at EUE will be a “3D Sensor Extravaganza” showing currently available AND beta/pre-release sensors.

And having an indepth look at the various principles behind the technologies and hands-on with live data streams and techniques to get them into your favourite 3D application.

More info (and tickets) here:

Monday, April 7th, 2014 Kinect, Leap Motion, Talks 2 Comments

Talk at EUE2014

Yep it’s official…. The tradition continues, I’m doing a talk at:


5-6 June, Utrecht – The Netherlands


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Sweetie for Terres des Hommes

Finally I can announce a project I worked on last year, the “Sweetie” campaign for Terres des Hommes.


Sweetie is a completely virtual girl, driven in realtime by an operator, that can go into public chat rooms and interact with predators of Webcam Child Sex Tourism.

In two months we caught in the act and identified 1,000 predators from 71 countries. Since then there have been several convictions in several different countries.
Governments were urged to act after the world witnessed us handing over our short movie, research findings, and the 1,000 names to Interpol.

Official video

Making of


Hirez turntable (quicktime)

Terres des Hommes creates avatar to bait pedophiles

Modelling/Shading:                                  Mao Lin Liao (Khitan Digital)
Animation/Body Rig:                                 Michiel van Iperen
Mocap Tracking/Face Rig/Webcam emulation software:  Jasper Brekelmans (yep that's me)
Actress Body/Face/Stem:                             Klavertje Patijn
Production & Motion capture facilities:             Motek Entertainment
Facial mocap hardware/software:                     Dynamixyz
Body mocap hardware/software:                       Vicon
Agency:                                             Lemz
Rendering software:                                 Solid Angle Arnold
Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 Highend Mocap, Projects 2 Comments

Forums moved

Over the last few months it proved very difficult to fight spam and maintain the forum, which is why they’ve now moved to Google Groups here:
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Looking for a CG related job, or looking for talented artists/TDs to help you out?

Check MGODI for iOS!







Btw by the same people who brought you

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Huh, Brekel’s mug on Faceshift’s tutorials?






Well that’s correct, I’ve written the MotionBuilder plugins for them 🙂

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Brekel Kinect Pro Body used by VoctroLabs for interactive, realtime, virtual performance

See audience members have loads of fun with the interactive installation here:


More info at David Inlines page here (in Spanish)

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 Kinect, Projects 1 Comment