Looking for a CG related job, or looking for talented artists/TDs to help you out?

Check MGODI for iOS!







Btw by the same people who brought you

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Huh, Brekel’s mug on Faceshift’s tutorials?






Well that’s correct, I’ve written the MotionBuilder plugins for them 🙂

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Brekel Kinect Pro Body used by VoctroLabs for interactive, realtime, virtual performance

See audience members have loads of fun with the interactive installation here:


More info at David Inlines page here (in Spanish)

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IBC fxphd meetup

In case anyone wants to meet up at IBC next week, as usual I’ll attend this:

IBC fxphd meetup Friday (yes the 13th!) starting 18.30 at De Koningshut.

(pub also accessible for non-fxphd members btw)

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Some new next gen Kinect footage

And how Rare is using it in their upcoming “Kinect Sports Rivals” game:

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Thin Air Studios uses Brekel Kinect Pro face

Thin Air Studios used Brekel Kinect Pro Face for lipsync on their latest episode of a sports teaching animation series for “pre-gamers” (5 – 8 year olds just starting sports)


Check out the latest episode “Golf – Golf Bag & Wedge Play”.

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Brekel Kinect Pro Face being used for a good cause

Phillip Fitzlaff from Motion Dynamics Animation is using Brekel Kinect Pro Face for his animated show Max Adventure”.
A fantasy based, family friendly entertainment in the form of animated programming to help educate parents and children in coping with behavioral and emotional situations.
In the spirit of popular 80s shows like He-Man, Fat Albert, G.I Joe, and Thundercats.
Crowd funding recently started on Rockethub, so if you’re a fan of those 80s shows and support the good cause just like me check it out here and consider a helping hand at:

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Latest releases

Among bugfixes and memory/speed improvements here are some of the highlights of the latest releases:

Brekel Kinect Pro Body v1.22
– New filtering algorithm with better smoothing, less lag and only two parameters to tune
– Improved network streaming stability

Brekel Kinect Pro PointCloud v1.30
– added “Extended Depth” mode increasing capture to the full range of 40cm to 10m on both Kinect for XBox and Kinect for Windows sensors
– added transform (translate/rotate/scale) controls in File tab
– ability to view video&depth in File tab

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EUE2013 – Virtual Joep the outtakes

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Virtual Joep – EUE2013 Teaser

May I present to you Virtual Joep, the new mascotte for the End User Event conference.

If you want to meet him live and in realtime and want to hear how he was made come visit my talk at the conference, more info at

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