Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Pro PointCloud available

Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Pro PointCloud are now available from the brand new online shop, along with Pro Face as well as bundles with discounted prices.

Trial versions are available from the products information pages from the menu on the right.

ProBodyBeta2 ProPointCloudBeta

Monday, December 31st, 2012 Kinect, Tools

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  • Victor says:

    Am having an issue that affects my initial t using Brekel body v1 and in my initial T pose the upper body bones are slightly displaced forward. Immediately i get out of the the t pose the forward displacement of the upper body bones disappear And the bvh plays fine. However on retargeting this affects my entire animation since the The initial tpose is faulty.

    • Brekel says:

      It is best to capture a T-pose from your actor and use this to initialize your retargeting, this will ensure it will calculate and retain all offsets (as well as hierarchical/naming/proportional differences) between the mocap skeleton and your 3D character.

      This is true for all mocap devices not just a Kinect v1 (which just happens to have defined it’s skeleton in a particular way then Microsoft trained the machine learning models back in the day))

  • vertigooo says:

    Is there some sample data we can preview available? I would like to see how the data comes out in the better case scenarios. Particularly with regard to the floating feet i have seen in some data captured with the kinect.

    • brekel says:

      You can find example files in all the available formats on the download pages.

      A lot of times floating feet are caused by retargeting setups that only naively copy rotations and don’t take into account position data.

      Usually using the retargeter of Autodesk’s MotionBuilder or Maya and using FBX files as a source gives best possible results.

  • me says:

    I presume it only works with 1 Kinect, right? I hope 2 Kinects will be available soon, because right now you can’t really do much, just act silly while staying parallel to the camera. Also, it needs much better feet solving, you have the character floating in space way too much a t m. I think these 2 are the major issues, the rest, like jitter and imprecision… I think that’s a bit less problematic and easier to fix in Motion Builder.

    • brekel says:

      1 Kinect for now yes.

      You can improve foot solving by using a non-reflective floor, and using a retargeter that knows how to deal with varying limb lengths, like Autodesks HumanIK/FullBodyIK. Instead of one that just copies rotations.

      Actually improvements for both those things are on the cards but I need a solid 2-3 months to really delve deep as they are complicated things to solve properly.

  • koo iop says:

    good software

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