Brekel Kinect v0.34 update

A quick update solving some specific BVH related features.

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 Kinect, Ranting

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  • Olusegun says:

    Once again well done for your effort.
    I appreciate your free offering to the animation community.
    I hope all who get to use this software acknowledge you in their work.
    I certainly will.

    Well done man

  • Codexus says:

    Hey, thanks for this very nice software.

    The bvh export functions is working well but I can’t click the button to start or stop it unless it’s currently recognizing a person which is a bit inconvenient since when I go back to my PC to click it loses its tracking. :]

    • brekel says:

      Ah yes, I was just made aware of that from a few others as well, thanks for the feedback!
      Indeed it’s quite important for the BVH file to have a good first frame as it also is used for exporting the bone lengths and skeleton offsets.

      I’ll look into adding a countdown counter so there is a delayed start, or maybe using joystick buttons for starting/stopping so you can use a long wired or wireless joypad.

  • Jocken75 says:

    a test I made with version 0,34

    I look better and better!

    Good work Brekel!

  • macouno says:

    Hey Jasper, thanks for releasing this! I’m a Dutch (also in Amsterdam) Blender 3D user and have been waiting specifically for someone to write a bvh recorder for the kinect!

    It would be great if you could add a few screenshots of your program to the website.

    Thanks a lot!

    • brekel says:

      Yeah Amsterdam represent! 🙂

      Good point on the screenshots, I also had a few requests for sample files (BVH and scans), but I somehow always seem to delete my captures while developing.
      So if anyone wants to get famous with their 3D mugshot or funny motion…… here’s your chance

      • macouno says:

        Hey Jasper…. Actually… I was just coming back here to say that… I would love to try a sample bvh to see if the import in Blender 3D works nicely before I go out and buy a kinect (which will happen anyway, but I’ve been putting it off until I’m certain it’s useful for me).

  • Jocken75 says:

    Great !!!!

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