Brekel Kinect v0.35 update

As usual see the releaselog for details, but in short the most important changes:

One important update for BVH recording, in the previous version you needed to be in a good position when hitting Start for the BVH header to be correct, this information is now stored when you’re in the Psi-Pose during initial user detection, resulting in cleaner BVH files.

I’ve also added a better workflow for recording dynamic 3D objects. You record the raw pointcloud data as quickly as possible to .bin files, and use an external tool to do the conversion to 3D objects (like .obj for example)
This external tool is called “Offline Scan Processor”, look for it’s shortcut in your start menu after installation.
And look for a How-To document under the Help menu of Brekel Kinect.


Sunday, February 13th, 2011 Kinect, Tools

18 Comments to Brekel Kinect v0.35 update

  • benjoevidal says:

    hi after i installed all the driver(openNi,NITE,KInect SDK,brekel) to my PC
    i cant use my kinect anymore..when i plug the kinect to my PC there is no light coming from kinect.i try to plug it into USB2 and USB3 but still nothing happens
    plss help

  • Edu Shola says:

    i meant centrino 2
    Edu Shola

  • Edu Shola says:

    i installed brekel kinect on my Sony vaio centering 2, 4gb ram, win7 64bit, nvidia card 512mb n it keeps crashing whenever i try to open it.pls reply Brekel
    Edu Shola

  • jay says:

    I installed:
    OpenNI: openni-win64-
    NITE: nite-win64-
    and primesense-win64-fullinstaller-,
    which are the must recent unstable branches. Next, I installed your Brekel Kinect MSI bundle, that installs the Autodesk Motionbuilder Plugin for the Kinect. When I run the application, I get output stating:

    Brekel Kinect: v.49, Using QT: v4.7.3, Intel TBB Inf 5.6, ….. OpenNI 1.5.2 build 4, Motor/LED Driver: Not supported, please check the help menu, TCPServer started 8884

    Error initializing color production node: Cant create any node of the requested type!
    Check OpenNI Installation…

    All of the OpenNI and PrimeSense (eg: NPViewer, Sample-Players…) applications do work.

    Any ideas what could be the problem? Also, is it possible to download the codebase?

    • brekel says:

      It looks like you’ve installed the 64bit drivers.

      Brekel Kinect is a 32bit application and only works with the 32bit drivers, which work perfectly fine on a 64 bit OS btw.
      The auto driver installer will automatically handle download and installation of the correct drivers for ya btw.

  • Nighteyes says:

    I can’t get this working. Says NITE is not installed properly.
    Were does brekel look for the key?

    Most other programs I have installed/made have there own xml with the program and I set the key there.

    As I am able to get various other programs working with NITE I don’t think it is my NITE install.

    So were is brekel looking for its xml file?


    • brekel says:

      I don’t use an xml file I simply do it from within the code.
      If you run the NITE installer again it’ll ask you for the license key, if you paste it in then you’ll never have to paste it in any xml file anymore.

  • feeling says:

    It can be said to run the program level to achieve real-time about what kind of configuration do I add a computer model as long as a real-time to not move, so I would like to know, my computer configuration is
    cpu intel core2 T6400 (2.0GHz)
    NVIDIA GeForce G105M 512M
    Memory 2GB DDR3
    How am I not post in the forum or if I did not find where published?

    • brekel says:

      Difficult to say, but I use a core2quad as a dev machine and that seems to be able to handle Brekel Kinect as well as MotionBuilder all at the same time.
      Not sure if a duocore will be handle to run all of that though.

      For the forum, you should be able to post there when you register afaik.

  • michel says:

    I would get the coordinates of two points of my wiimote to control a head into MotionBuilder.
    For this I use the WiiYourself!_1.15 downloadable on: http: / /
    It works very well but now I need a device to connect MotionBuilder to WiiYourself.
    I’m not good in C++ programming, can you help me? Have you already done one device for wiimote like you did for Kinect?

    • brekel says:

      I fooled around a bit with WiiYourself! about a year ago, but had some troubles initializing it inside a MoBu device, and the bluetooth stuff was a mess to setup But that has more todo with bluetooth in general 🙂

      For learning C++, there is good material over at, I learned a lot there.
      For learning MoBu plugins, there a good examples that come with the SDK, devices aren’t the easiest todo, I’d suggest fooling around with ‘Boxes’ and ‘Constraints’ first as a step up to ‘Devices’

  • Kevin says:

    Hey! I have fully installed everything and done everything that was asked of the instructions, though when i run the base application the command prompt comes up and runs the basics, though after it says initializing tcpserver and waiting for connection it says “Error initialzing colour production node : can’t create any node the requested type!” any suggestions on how to fix?

  • Matty C. says:

    Program is still crashing on xp. v0.31 and 0.32 worked for me. :[

    • brekel says:

      Hmmm I just installed XP 32bit on an old laptop and it ran without a problem, so I’m afraid it must be something specific with your setup.

      Did you try disabling your firewall and antivirus?
      Also what does the console say regarding OpenGL support?
      For example:
      OpenGL version supported up to: 2.1

      Maybe if you’re on a restricted user account try to run as administrator.

      • oreoCoockieMonster says:

        Hi, I am able to start Brekel Kinect, but it doesn’t “see” me when I’m standing in front of my Kinect sensor. It says my openGL version is supported up to: 2.1, and “Error initializing NITE production node: Can’t create any node of the requested type!

        When I have used FAAST everything has worked just fine. other things that may be important to add is that the infrared “light beam” on the kinect is on when Brekel Kinect is open, and I am running Windows 7 home premium. do you think you can help me? that would be nice!!

        • donkeyot says:

          I had similar problems though it was with XP, funnily enough after installing went to the Intel site and ran their utility check program which advised a new update was available for my graphics card and then there was no problem

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