Brekel Kinect v0.36 update

This release fixes the glitches that were present in the MotionBuilder streaming. Make sure you also update to the latest version of the MotionBuilder device plugin for that.

It adds a start delay for BVH recording, so you can more easily do recordings when you’re on your own.

And a few minor fixes regarding flipped color image output, and occlusion display in the pointcloud view (red vs white dots)


Sunday, February 20th, 2011 Kinect, Tools

6 Comments to Brekel Kinect v0.36 update

  • alex says:

    Hi! Brekel, u adviced Eytan Mann to use bvh file to extraxt information connected with skeleton. .
    I’d like to ask u how detailed is that data? I wanna make a system which’ll need information about movement of each finger, of each wrist and etc(so, very detailed)- is it all recorded in bvh file? or just main tracking points like hands, legs, head, are captured?

    • brekel says:

      Hi Alex,

      That kinda detail isn’t being tracked by the Kinect/NITE system at the moment.
      It’s only the main joints and head, hands and feet lack rotations, so it’s really quite limited.

      It sounds like what you need is a much higher end solution, for example a small optical mocap setup.

      • alex says:

        Thank u for a such quick answer!
        Actually, I even don’t know if there are now systems, which can solve this task..
        This task is unreal for kinekt because of it’s low-resolution camera or because, at this time, developers don’t have proper sources and information to make such a system?

  • Eytan Mann says:

    Thanks so much for your great work and for sharing!!
    I’m looking for a way to export only the joint points to a 3d format… to capture the tracking points and create a point cloud from them. Do you have an idea or tip how can I do such a thing?

    again. thank you so much!

  • Carolina says:

    cool! Thank you for all your work!

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