Brekel Kinect v0.41 update

Added the missing 32bit motor drivers, did some GUI cleanup including some more visualization of the skeleton etc.
Added wrist controls (just a few to control stability) and fixed some occlusion issues with them.

As usual see the release log for details and enjoy.

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 Kinect

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  • Koke says:

    Hi Brekel.

    At first, thank you very much for this amazing tool!.

    I have a problem with this last version. When I export to bvh in brekel and next I import to my 3d max biped, the biped lose his original scale, the forearms turns very small, and the legs aswell.

    do you know why?

    thank you!!

    (sorry for repeat!)

  • Awesome, motor works great on win32!

    Question- is there a way now to turn off point-cloud? I usually turned it off to save CPU and increase fps for NITE but I cannot find the switch in .41

    Thanks! Great work!

    • brekel says:

      Hi Thomas, I had to remove that switch as the new custom tracking (wrists for now) need the pointcloud information.
      You can turn off the visualization (GPU drawing) part at the top of the menu but some of the internal calculations will still have to happen on the CPU.
      I may be able to optimize it a bit more.

      What kind of fps are you getting?

      • I get 10-15 fps on intel dual-core E2180-2Ghz, 4G ram.

        Also – I got the data into Blender and am able able to capture but I got the shoulder rotations wrong for some reason. I’ll post the code as soon as I get it right.

        • brekel says:

          Sounds like it’s being fed a new frame while in the midst of the previous one, that’s probably why the shoulder didn’t come out correctly.

          I may implement a mode in the future that disables all the extras (pointcloud, additional tracking etc) or do a optimizations.

          But the focus for now is on extending the skeleton tracking, which is bound to need a few more CPU cycles.

          So for now you may be better of staying on a version without the wrist rotation so you can disable the pointcloud.

    • dryer says:

      thank you for great work !

      but 0.41 version is very slow before 0.40 version

      28~25 frame -> 15~10 frame

      and lost very often in my pc

      • brekel says:

        I’m assuming you’re comparing v0.40 with pointcloud disabled vs v0.41 where the pointcloud is always enabled.

        I’ll see if I can reintroduce disabling the pointcloud, but that’ll in turn also disable the extensions. (wrist rotations and whatever is coming)

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