Brekel Kinect v0.42 update

Among a few small things the most important changes are:
– Bugfixes for the skeleton problems introduced in v0.40 and v0.41
– Ability to disable the PointCloud for users with slower machines
– Ability to turn the Wrist rotations OFF (which were causing problems in some cases)

As usual check the releaselog for the full list.
Oooh and I updated the FAQ with some new info as well.

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 Kinect

8 Comments to Brekel Kinect v0.42 update

  • feeling1982113 says:

    I use 0.42, catch BVH files below options selected returned color visiblelight words always also test a bone out, but if choose infra red quickly can get the bone

    I use it start ‘capture BVH button always use no, not my system.

    The motor can see k control is very interesting. 🙂

    Thank you.

  • Iwan Peter Scheer says:

    The plugin (if we can still call it that :)) is coming along very nice. Good data and the application rarely crashing. Pretty sweet!

    Having a few hickups with the latest version.
    We are very interested in the wrist tracking as we are trying to do a digital sock puppet in motionbuilder. 0.41 looked promising even if the data was noisy. However having installed 0.42 we are having a problem.

    The first time after install everything works as expected, but as soon as you check and uncheck the wirst tracking, the software will still calibrate and say that it is tracking.
    However the depth window no longer shows the skeleton overlay and the data no longer streams into motionbuilder.

    I checked the display settings to make sure I hadn’t accidentaly unchecked the skeleton display, but that doesn’t seem to be the source of the problem.

    I’m rolling back to 0.42 for the moment, but eagerly waiting the next update.

    Thanks again for the great work,


    • brekel says:

      Thanks for mentioning, I’ll look into it.

      I have seen occasions where after calibrating it didn’t draw anything (and probably didn’t stream either), although I haven’t been able to catch that in the debugger.

      But usually after a restart of the software it was alright again, not sure if that is what you were seeing or something else though.

      • Iwan Peter Scheer says:

        Yes, that sounds right. It would not draw anything.
        However a restart didn’t solved it in my case, only a fresh reinstall. But that’s not something you can do in-between every capture 🙂

        thanks for your answer

        • brekel says:

          From what I’ve seen I don’t think you need to reinstall it.

          Usually after restarting the package after a minute or so it worked again for me. So I suspect it has to do with some memory initialization/deinitialization.
          Or maybe sometimes the multi threading syncs differently causing it not to initialize properly.

          For me it only happened on a very odd occasion so it’s a bit hard to track it down and debug, but I’ll do some more cleanup for the next round.

          • brekel says:

            As I really can’t seem to reproduce this behaviour on my development machine I’m calling for a bit of debugging help.

            I created 2 little test versions for download here:

            Simply unzip into the Brekel Kinect folder, and run them directly (doesn’t matter which version you have installed)
            The install folder is usually somewhere here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Brekel Kinect

            Both have a little bit of cleanup for memory initialization, furthermore
            brekelKinect_test_a.exe spits out some debug information to the console which could be usefull for me
            brekelKinect_test_b.exe has some multi threading locking code surrounding the skeleton processing

            It would really help me out if some of you could give these a spin and see if they work or don’t work.
            Also if you’re up for testing please run each test a couple of times to check if working/non-working is consistant.

            Thanks in advance,

            • brekel says:

              I think I solved all the problems.
              Seemed like they were only showing up when PointCloud was disabled, and I did all of my testing with it enabled.

              Expect a new bugfix release later today.

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