Brekel Kinect v0.43 & MoBu plugins v0.14 released

For the Brekel Kinect base application:
Most of the reported problems with the skeleton and it’s drawing, related to having the PointCloud disabled, seem to have been fixed.
The problems with stretched polygons in the Offline Scan Processor is now also fixed and it now gives exactly the same results as the Brekel Kinect base application again.

For the MoBu plugins:
I improved the internal synchronization which should result in much smoother recordings.
The reported 2012 crashes on characterization are a bit trickier. It no longer crashes, but after the creation of the character node you’ll have to manually hit it’s characterize button.

Oh yeah, and the auto installer is now fully automatic.

Sunday, April 17th, 2011 Kinect

6 Comments to Brekel Kinect v0.43 & MoBu plugins v0.14 released

  • RF says:

    Couldn’t get MB 2012 to pick up the Kinect as a webcam. How easy do you reckon it would be to feed video from the Kinect into MB 2012 as a recordable device? (or would it just be easier to just plug in a webcam?)


    • brekel says:

      Correct, the Kinect color camera is not exposed as a regular web camera to windows.
      So indeed the easiest, and only, solution is to use a real webcam for that.

  • Nathan says:

    Hey umm, I get an odd result from installing v0.43, The place where the pointcloud is suppose to show up is pure white.
    As shown in this picture

    I’ve tried toggling the point cloud view but it doesn’t change anything, still pure white.
    Version v0.42 works fine for me, I even tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling v0.43 but it still doesn’t work, So for now i’m just using v0.42.

    Oh and i have Windows 7 64bit

    • brekel says:

      Ah yes, there is a known bug on v0.43, you need to turn the NITE skeleton tracker ON, otherwise the pointcloud doesn’t draw, resulting in a white screen.

      I’ll fix that for the next version, but for now just go to the 3rd tab “user tracking” and set “PrimeSense NITE” to enabled.

  • RF says:

    Awesome. Look forward to trying it out. Noticed MB 2012 can now pickup/record live video as well as mocap data so will be trying that out too. Hope my PC can handle it. Only get 20 FPS at the moment and that’s with the point cloud turned off 🙁

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