Brekel Kinect v0.49 update

No new core features, just updated to work with the latest of the OpenNI drivers.
They should be a bit more stable, as well as offer quicker skeleton calibration.

This should make things less confusing for new users as well as all the versions are now aligned again to the latest and greatest.

Recurring users: make sure you re-download and re-run the auto driver installer please.

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 Kinect

13 Comments to Brekel Kinect v0.49 update

  • GT says:

    I’ve tried to install the x32 version and it still shows this message: “error initializing color production node can’t create any node of the requested type”
    what should i do?

    many thanks

  • jay says:

    I installed:
    OpenNI: openni-win64-
    NITE: nite-win64-
    and primesense-win64-fullinstaller-,
    which are the must recent unstable branches. Next, I installed your Brekel Kinect MSI bundle, that installs the Autodesk Motionbuilder Plugin for the Kinect. When I run the application, I get output stating:

    Brekel Kinect: v.49, Using QT: v4.7.3, Intel TBB Inf 5.6, ….. OpenNI 1.5.2 build 4, Motor/LED Driver: Not supported, please check the help menu, TCPServer started 8884

    Error initializing color production node: Cant create any node of the requested type!
    Check OpenNI Installation…

    All of the OpenNI and PrimeSense (eg: NPViewer, Sample-Players…) applications do work.

    Any ideas what could be the problem? Also, is it possible to download the codebase?

    • brekel says:

      It looks like you’ve installed the 64bit drivers.

      Brekel Kinect is a 32bit application and only works with the 32bit drivers, which work perfectly fine on a 64 bit OS btw.
      The auto driver installer will automatically handle download and installation of the correct drivers for ya btw.

  • Nathan says:

    Umm, this may seem like odd behavior to you or maybe something is interfering.. But umm, When i open Brekel and have ipisoft on my desktop also it moves about 20 icons (Programs, Games, ect) into a created folder with the date and time it was moved. The cmd log for Brekel even says it moved the items.
    I don’t get it?

    I can demonstrate in a video possibly if you want.

    • brekel says:

      Hmmmm, it sounds like you’ve set your desktop as the capture folder.
      By design Brekel Kinect backs up the existing files in the capture folder to prevent overwriting files from a previous session.

      Apparently it moves all files, instead of just the capture files though.

      So it sounds like the best workaround for now is to just create a capture folder on your desktop and point Brekel Kinect to that.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • ehsan-j says:

    Plz Help !!! I Have a :
    Win 7 64-bit
    ADM radeon 4890
    And When Install Kinect Driver , NiUserTracker64 and NiViewer64
    Wokrs correctly But When I Want to Run “MayaOpenNIServer” (Yasutoshi Mori Software)
    MayaOpenNIServer HUD is black and have alot of Wire Noise and i cant connect to Maya 🙁

    • brekel says:

      Brekel Kinect uses the 32bit drivers, even when on a 64bit OS (afaik most OpenNI based apps do btw)
      You may want to check out the auto driver installer on my downloads page.

      “MayaOpenNIServer” is not done by me so I can’t say anything sensible about that.

      • ehsan-j says:

        tnks Dear brekel for reply 🙂 … i want move joint in Autodesk Maya do you Have a plan for this ?

        • brekel says:

          You can go through MotionBuilder which allows you to do a lot of processing/editing, or you can record to a BVH file and have a search at for a BVH importer script for Maya.

          • ehsan_j says:

            Tnksssssssssssssssssss SO much …. Finaly I Imported My BVH File to Maya … But I Wish I could Play Real-Time In Maya 😀

  • Andre says:

    Hello. This is an awesome project. Any chance of getting a working driver for Motionbuilder 7?

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