Pro Body 2 – Gallery

Review and walkthrough on using Brekel Body v2 with Blender and a character rigged with Auto-Rig Pro by Marko Matosevic.

Tutorial on how to use Brekel Body v2 and integration with 3DMax Biped/CAT by David Breen.

“Nick in a hotel room” by Randall Glass.

“He-Man vs Skeletor” by Hethfilms and Heiko Thies

Live streaming into MotionBuilder


Example combining Pro Hands and Pro Body data by Colin Brady


Official IKinema WebAnimate tutorial: retargeting animation to Unreal Hero (or any other) character


Brekel Kinect v2 data in iClone by PandaProds (more info regarding workflow in the forums)


Touching up data and retargeting in Ikinema Webanimate by Truebones