Pro Body 2 – Gallery

Tutorial by Stefan Kwint on how to rig a Mixamo robot character in Blender, export it to Touchdesigner and drive it with data.

Review and walkthrough on using Brekel Body v2 with Blender and a character rigged with Auto-Rig Pro by Marko Matosevic.

Tutorial on how to use Brekel Body v2 and integration with 3DMax Biped/CAT by David Breen.

“Nick in a hotel room” by Randall Glass.

“He-Man vs Skeletor” by Hethfilms and Heiko Thies

Live streaming into MotionBuilder


Example combining Pro Hands and Pro Body data by Colin Brady


Official IKinema WebAnimate tutorial: retargeting animation to Unreal Hero (or any other) character


Brekel Kinect v2 data in iClone by PandaProds (more info regarding workflow in the forums)