Brekel Pro Hands released

First of all a big thanks to all beta testers trying it out in the last few months and providing feedback.


Brekel Pro Hands is now available in the online shop for $79.

With Trial versions and example data available from the public downloads page.


Drop me a mail if you want a full evaluation license including network streaming.

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Leap Motion, Tools

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  • Sasha says:

    how can I make this work on a mac?

  • Justin says:

    Can you track which finger types what key on a keyboard? I need to track the finger movement and see which keys the finger presses. Thanks!

  • John says:

    s it possible to use multiple leap devices and combine the sensor data? for example one from above and another from below. leap does not track certain motions well and IK can only get you so far..

    • brekel says:

      Nope, sorry.
      The Leap Motion drivers/SDK don’t support multiple devices as far as I know.
      Even if they did calibrating them would be difficult at best due to the very high amount of distortion in the fish eye lenses.

  • Ken Schwartz says:

    Hello, I am interested in using Pro Hands with DAZ Studio & Carrara and have been trying the evaluation version to run quick tests. When saving to BVH in DAZ format and give it a unique name the file does not seem to get written with the data I created but instead gets written with what appears to be default/sample data of fingers wiggling. Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of the evaluation version?

  • Hi Brekel, I work for a medical research company ( I tried your trial version of Brekel hands pro. I really like it and kudos to you and your work.

    We are thinking to get a little customized version of it. The reason behind it is as follows.

    We develop Human Arm phantoms (Artificial Human arms developed through 3D printed technology, mimics the properties of a real human arm and looks exactly the same including flesh & skin) used for phlebotomy practice by many nursing students.

    Our clients are nursing schools & colleges that train phlebotomy techniques on these phantoms (realistic & acoustic).

    We are thinking to ship our phantoms to our clients with a leap motion sensor and a software that can detect the movement of needle(syringe) above the arm. Goal is to help the professors or trainers to score their students based on what they see on the screen.

    Could you please suggest what can be done here ?
    We can talk as well.
    Here is my number +1-519-995-0904

    Mustafa Ali Misri

  • Antonin Delboy says:

    Hello Brekel !
    I was wondering if you know a way to “create the Model Binding “(to genererate the tree of hand bones) with a Python command.

    my script starts like this :
    lDeviceBrekelProHands = FBCreateObject( “Browsing/Templates/Devices”, “Brekel Pro Hands”, “Brekel Pro Hands” )
    lDeviceBrekelProHands.RecordMode = True
    lDeviceBrekelProHands.Live = True
    lDeviceBrekelProHands.Online = True

    Thank you

  • Keith White says:

    Responding to “Drop me a mail if you want a full evaluation license including network streaming.”

    I am a university professor hoping to develop neurological tests using Leap Motion sensors to capture hand/finger movements. Your software appears to have capabilities beyond the example Javascript on If I can demonstrate advantages to my collaborators then it should be possible to purchase a license. Please inform me how to install a full evaluation copy of Brekel Pro Hands.

    Thanks & Best, Keith D. White PhD

  • Spencer says:

    Is there a plugin for Autodesk Maya? I am looking for a simple desktop realtime tracking method for assisting animators for keying hand poses quickly by making their own gesture to set keys on a given frame. It’s not really necessary to record multiple frames at a time, but they need to see live feedback in Maya. I imagine one hand is fine, since we can just mirror the values for keying the opposite side.

    • brekel says:

      Hi Spencer,

      Sorry there are currently no Maya plugins available, this is on the todo list but there currently are higher priorities.

      All the apps come with realtime streaming plugins for Maya (and Pro Body/Face also for Unity).
      The network protocol is described in a chapter of the PDF manual so it is possible to write your own plugin/script for other applications.


  • Michael says:

    This tool seems to me very promising. After watching the video I was curious if it´s possible to also record complex animations with two hands. With complex I mean animations where the two hands interesect each other (this should happend regulary if you e.g. try to record a scene where both hands manipulate a small object). I guess it´s somehow limited because theirs only one camera recording. That´s why the video doesn´t show such movements, am I correct?

    • brekel says:

      Obviously any markerless capture method based on computer vision can only track what it sees and otherwise reverts to a form of estimation.

      Capturing something as complex as two hands interacting with objects and themselves will need an expensive setup with datagloves and optical system to capture all the nuances of arms/hands/fingers/object correctly.

      No amount of camera’s and computer vision alone will give good results on that with the current state of technology.

  • Manoj says:

    i want for my animation

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