Virtual Joep – EUE2013 Teaser

May I present to you Virtual Joep, the new mascotte for the End User Event conference.

If you want to meet him live and in realtime and want to hear how he was made come visit my talk at the conference, more info at

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Kinect 2 details / specifications / observations

Just created a page collecting all the Kinect 2 details, specifications and observations coming from the latest announcements of the Xbox One console.



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Talk at End User Event 2013 – 101 Creative uses of the Kinect

Once again I’ll be speaking at the annual End User Event, also known as “Dutch Siggraph in a pub”, in Utrecht – The Netherlands this year.

In this talk we’ll dive deep into the Microsoft Kinect sensor, exploring how it works and why it’s a such a special little device.
We’ll look at using it for 3D scanning, 4D pointcloud acquisition, markerless body and facial motion capture.
With live demonstrations and comparisons to highend more expensive techniques and equipment.
Rounding up with an indepth look at how “Virtual Joep” was created.

More details here:


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Brekel Kinect tools used for Halo 4 in-game cinematic

I’m very honored to share that according to a small article on FXGuide the cool people of  The Sequence Group used my Brekel Kinect tools for a small section of an in-game Halo 4 cinematic called ‘Librarian’.

Read more here:

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Wearable Kinect aka Kinect Snorricam

Just posted some info on my latest experiments creating a wearable Kinect setup for face tracking, based on the SnorriCam principle.


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Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Pro PointCloud available

Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Pro PointCloud are now available from the brand new online shop, along with Pro Face as well as bundles with discounted prices.

Trial versions are available from the products information pages from the menu on the right.

ProBodyBeta2 ProPointCloudBeta

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Thank you Beta testers and countdown to release

First of all a big thank you to all the beta testers of Pro Body and Pro PointCloud!

Hope you had fun playing around with the applications in the last two months and thank you all who pointed out bugs, missing features and workflows. Maybe not all of it found it’s way into the code yet but I promise they will in future development.


Both apps will be released officially on the 1st of January 2013 and will be available in both Trial and Retail form on this site.

Just like Pro Face, prices for Pro Body and Pro PointCloud will be set at $99 for individual apps.

With bundle prices available at $175 for two apps, and $250 for all three.


If you enjoyed beta testing keep an eye on this site as it may happen again soon 🙂


I wish you all the best for 2013!

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Beta will be extended to December

The current beta’s for Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Pro PointCloud will be extended in the month of December in order to apply a little bit more spit and polish.

All of you on the current beta program should receive new license file(s) today or tomorrow.

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Autodesk demo’s ProFace and ProBody beta

Thank you Gary M Davis for doing a demo with MotionBuilder and my face and body tracker.




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Looking for Beta testers

I’m looking for Beta testers for the upcoming Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Brekel Kinect Pro PointCloud applications.

Please go to the “Apply to be a beta tester” page if you’re interested in testing things out and help squash the last bugs.

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