Alas it’s all in the past already but here’s a good review by my traveling buddy Nick Nimble.

See y’all next year for sure!


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3dhype donator

Brekel is now a donator of the 3dhype site and present on their company list.



3dhype is a Dutch community for digital artists.


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NUIA eyeCharm

Interesting new Kickstarter project for Kinect addon hardware to turn it into an eye tracker.



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Me-Crew online

Friend of mine, and organizer of the End User Event conference, Joep van der Steen has set up a new page gathering lots of cool CG news and artists, mainly from the Dutch community.


Check out the Me-Crew page at http://www.me-crew.com



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Good day to be a Mocap TD

118 Vicon markers, 2 Dynamixyz face helmets, all at 120fps IR goodness, 2.5 computers per operator, and audio/video ref off course.

Good day to be a Mocap TD (at Motek Entertainment)

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New forums online

Just a quick note to mention that the forums have been revamped.

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Looking for Beta testers

I’m looking for Beta testers for the upcoming Brekel Kinect Pro Body and Brekel Kinect Pro PointCloud applications.

Please go to the “Apply to be a beta tester” page if you’re interested in testing things out and help squash the last bugs.

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Moved to a new webhosting provider

Hopefully this should increase the speed and uptime.

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Tutorial – Face Rigging 101 for Brekel Kinect Pro Face

I’ve posted a tutorial on how to connect a blendshape / morph target rig to FBX data from Brekel Kinect Pro Face.



I use Maya but the concepts should be applicable to any 3D package that can read FBX files and use blendshapes / morph targets, which should be pretty much any 3D package nowadays 🙂


If you want to follow along, the latest installers will place the  example rig in your installation folder, example data files can be found on the downloads page.


Big thanks to Jochem Aarts from www.realizm.nl for providing the model!

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Pancho the bandit on facebook

We’ve dragged Pancho the Bandit from our latest demo onto Facebook, kicking and swearing as he usually does…..

Follow him on his journeys here:


He’ll also make an appearance with Louis Marcoux in his Autodesk MotionBuilder demo at the FREE Autodesk Student Experience Event taking place on Monday, August 6th.

RSVP for the event here: http://www.cvent.com/d/ycqz5j

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