Speaking at the Third Dimension conference

I’ll be speaking at the Third Dimension conference, held the 2nd of October in Frankfurt – Germany.

The talk will be about the creation of virtual characters, focusing on how motion capture technology can help with this.

There will be examples ranging from the low- to the high end and I’ll dive into the latest advancements in markerless facial capture technology.


More details here:


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End User Event 2012

So the event program for the End User Event this year, held in a pub in downtown Utrecht in The Netherlands is completed.


I will be speaking there about the “Creation of (Interactive) Virtual 3D Characters” on the 31st of May, here’s the description of the talk:

This talk will go into the use and creation of (Interactive) Virtual 3D Characters. Jasper (aka Brekel) will begin by examining some examples of 3D characters from several productions.And will then go into how current advances in technology enable creating live and interactive characters. We’ll end by examining some of this latest technology up close, including motion capture hardware and the latest in markerless facial capture technology.


Trust me, “Dutch Siggraph in a pub” as we’ve grown to call it is always a lot of fun, so maybe see ya there!

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Speaking at End User Event 2012

It’s official, I’ll be speaking about “Virtual Characters” at the End User Event 2012 in Utrecht (Holland) this summer.

Among visitors this conference is also informally known as “Dutch Siggraph in a Pub” 🙂


More info:

Or on twitter: @EUE2012


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