Closest thing to a tutorial with MotionBuilder

One of the users made this video, which may be interesting if you want to dive into setting up and driving your own characters in MotionBuilder with Brekel Kinect:

Thursday, May 26th, 2011 Kinect

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  • Ben says:

    The music almost drove me crazy. I don’t understand why he has 3dsMax and yet exports to Halflife 2 instead of rendering from 3ds for these non-interactive movies. I understand machinma when they use in-game “everything” to convey stories… but for custom models, custom animations, and custom levels… do yourself a favor and make it look somewhat nice and render it.

    • xenoaisam says:

      i have mention in the video description, this software is some part for game development! and i’m also titled the video with “cut-scene” instead “machinima” because i believe this Kinect would be useful for creating single player mod which have cut-scene in it~

  • i think the music really makes this tute, that’s why you love it Jasper! ^_^

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