Collaborative VR experiment with multiple Valve/HTC Vive headsets

Recently we had the opportunity to play with two Valve/HTC Vive headsets and controllers so we opted to experiment a bit for a few days.

Since I strongly believe the Virtual Reality revolution needs a social element in order to become more than just a hype of we implemented the following things to play with:
– multi user collaborative experience
– interaction with virtual objects using Vive’s hand controllers
– implemented using two (networked) machines running Unity
– build it so it works when users share the same physical space (like in this example)
– but also works when users are in different places with access to a (5 Mbps) internet connection

R&D project by:
Jasper Brekelmans……………(pointcloud streaming & Unity integration)
Jeroen de Mooij…………….(Unity networking & scene design)

Thanks to:
Adriaan Rijkens……
Marald Bes…………
Erwin Kho…………


Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 Ranting, XR

2 Comments to Collaborative VR experiment with multiple Valve/HTC Vive headsets

  • Vlastimirs says:

    Hi Brekel!
    1. Is it possible to use PC2 for streaming a pointcloud from multiple sources to Unity?

    2. Did you use the Unity plugin provided with PC2 for this demo?

    V. 🙂

    • brekel says:


      This was done using experimental code, although it was based on PC2 and Unity this functionality is currently (January 2017) not available in the public release yet though. Possibly in the future.


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