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Monday, February 7th, 2011 Ranting

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  • feeling says:

    Glad to see your presentation, I see there is a network company will also release a similar kinect equipment, said they will provide professional development package for PC users. I ask do you have to understand this device, I also plan to buy one, I would like to hear what you think of the two devices will perform better then, they used the same technique. I am more concerned about is that now they do not support multiple cameras to extract data I think the future which is more easy to implement such a function, so you can shoot 360 degrees, in fact, I like Kinect but I see it if the resolution is improved, then it’s frame rate to slow a lot, now 30f / s extension feel not so good if the slow time, and see the hardware in order to save costs, said kinect save a part of the data processing chip, using the usb2.0 is also limited to data transmission, it would like to hear your opinion, thank you.
    Hope to have the opportunity to exchange, I use the vicon company’s systems, software is the IQ and the Blade.
    I hope that understanding English is not perfect, this is a demonstration of Xtion

    • brekel says:


      It looks like the device in the link also has a PrimeSense sensor in it, so it’ll have the same specs as a Kinect.
      In fact I’d expect lots more devices coming out with a sensor like this embedded, mediaplayers and TV’s for sure.
      How cool would it be to just browse through your media from the couch by waving your hands, I want that! 🙂

      A higher resolution one also wouldn’t surprise me as a next logical step, and indeed the current Kinect is hitting the USB2.0 maximum bandwith when streaming color & depth streams at 30fps.
      But most new motherboards already ship with USB3.0 ports.

      Hooking multiple Kinects up is theoretically possible but there are issues.
      The IR patterns will interfere eachother, although early tests show it’s not as bad as thought.
      You need to calibrate them so you know how they are placed relative to one another.
      There is no real way to sync them, which may introduce problems, but I haven’t seen examples how bad it’ll be yet.

      Cool you also use a Vicon, we use Blade at work too, I love the way you can automate the whole workflow with scripts and squeeze every bit of quality out of it.

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