Forum/Site registration

As some of you mentioned the forum and/or site registration didn’t actually send out the email with the login info.
Should be fixed and tested now.

Please re-register to receive the login email.
Let me know if I need to delete an existing account if you want to re-register with the same email adress. (please mention your original username)

Sunday, February 13th, 2011 Ranting

6 Comments to Forum/Site registration

  • Mocappucino says:

    Forum reggistration still seems down. I tried registering with the same username and email I’m using here and it never came (and I checked the spam folders, and waited 10 minutes, too)

  • John Ozga says:

    Can this tracking system work with Motionbuilder 7.5 ?

    It is all I have right now.

  • Egemen says:

    I havent seen how the system works, I would like to buy one of your system but where is prize? Where is delvery time ,what hardware i will have it? Please let me know I am interested in this system

    • brekel says:

      All you need is a Microsoft Kinect (about 150 euros/dollars) and the free software from this site.
      And optionally you may want Autodesk’s MotionBuilder to do realtime streaming and/or advanced editing.

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