Having a bit of fun…….

Having a bit of fun with Brekel Kinect Pro Face and Motionbuilder.

Monday, July 30th, 2012 Kinect, Projects

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  • feeling1982113 says:

    Well, if you can do real time capture expression I have been very satisfied, buy software time can be incidental scene file or create video demo? Thank you.

    Before I read your original capture data files, I find the data jitter sometimes is still relatively large, but in the video did not appear obvious shaking, so I don’t know you capture data more good.

    • brekel says:

      Smoothing can be adjusted to taste using the sliders for the head and face independently in the GUI.

      I’m looking at setting up some tutorial material but it’s a bit tricky since everyone uses different software and different rigging methods.
      So it’ll probably become more conceptual instead of step-by-step.

  • e1 says:


    Nice work! Would you be able to share the rig or the bones, or tell a bit more about the how it was rigged?
    Are you using physics to animate the beard and the hat, or just damping. Do you just use morphkeys to animate the character or bones?

    so many questions and so little time



    • brekel says:

      I’m not sure if I can share it yet but I’ll look into it.

      Beard/hat are just simple damping no real physics.
      It’s rigged using bones but they are driven using MotionBuilder’s Character Face tool which allows you to setup poses.

      So in essence it’s very similar to using morphtargets/blendshapes.
      I’m connecting them to the ‘animation units’ from Brekel Kinect Pro Face instead of directly to the markers.

      The reason is that those ‘animation units’ are pretty much the same for any person. Where the markers are placed a bit better but may shift a bit from person to person.

      And I wanted to create a scene that would just work with anyone walking by.

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