Kinect 2 details / specifications / observations

Just created a page collecting all the Kinect 2 details, specifications and observations coming from the latest announcements of the Xbox One console.



Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 Kinect, Ranting

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  • DameTheDome says:

    ReconstructMe just published a tech preview on Kinect2 integration here:

    Can’t wait!

  • Ben Dorman says:

    Really excited to see what you are able to use from the new kinect. Thanks for compiling these articles. I searched for two days after the announcement to see if they would release a pc version. 😛 Sad to see that the depth sensor is not 1080 and is square. Would have been nice to actually preform motions with more than three step capture area.

    • brekel says:

      Glad you like it.

      The IR/depth camera does seem to have a wider FOV lens than the current gen Kinect both horizontal and vertical.

      So most likely the capture area will be both wider and also start closer to the sensor.

  • Mike says:

    kinect2 for windows:

    Microsoft’s new Kinect will be coming to Windows
    The Verge ‎- by Bryan Bishop ‎- 21 hours ago

    Next-generation Kinect will eventually see a release on Windows PC

    Kinect for Xbox One coming to Windows, will be part of updated SDK

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