Latest releases

Among bugfixes and memory/speed improvements here are some of the highlights of the latest releases:

Brekel Kinect Pro Body v1.22
– New filtering algorithm with better smoothing, less lag and only two parameters to tune
– Improved network streaming stability

Brekel Kinect Pro PointCloud v1.30
– added “Extended Depth” mode increasing capture to the full range of 40cm to 10m on both Kinect for XBox and Kinect for Windows sensors
– added transform (translate/rotate/scale) controls in File tab
– ability to view video&depth in File tab

Thursday, July 25th, 2013 Kinect

2 Comments to Latest releases

  • brekel says:

    Sure just grab the latest installers and the trial or evaluation license should happily continue on.

  • Hi,
    Got the demo you sent last week, really just installed and made sure it worked, didn’t get a chance to test out.

    See new updated bug fixed version.
    Anyway to update this trail I have?
    Will have more time this week to test it out.
    Looks very promising over iPiSoft (own full version of it, but damn, they are taking forever to add the promised 2.0 features).


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