Markerless, video-based facial motion capture part 2

Here’s a second tech preview of our markerless, video based facial capture solution.
This time showing simultaneous capture of audio and integration with full body motion capture.

Presented as raw data to show the base quality of the tracking/retargeting.

Monday, January 16th, 2012 Highend Mocap, Projects

8 Comments to Markerless, video-based facial motion capture part 2

  • Tri Stratos says:

    Nice stuff.

    Please post information about this. Release dates/ costs/ apps compatibility and so on.
    Also please provide a video as to how this data are utilised before getting meshes connected to tracked data as shown (workflow) for us to see how easy is it to get it implemented.

    Waiting for you info and hopefully a near release date and affordable tag

  • Ben says:

    Looking great man! I love that there are more options becoming available commercially for marker-less face mocap. I’ve been looking at Maskarad but that doesn’t seem to match up very well at all. Also looking at FaceShift but I don’t think they can track eye movement and again not sure if it’s as accurate as this. Be sure to let us know what develops. 😀

  • This is amazing. Is this using a kinect stream?

  • Rene Grasser says:

    Great Work!

    … and funny ending 😉

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