Mocap Mapping

Here’s a glimpse of my latest project with Motek Entertainment, NuFormer and Creative Technology Holland.

A live interaction between an audience and a video mapped projection of a 3D character.

Making Off (3:24 min)

Teaser (2:50 min)

Medium Length (8 min)

Full Version (20 min)

Mocap Mapping

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 Highend Mocap, Projects

4 Comments to Mocap Mapping

  • shigehisa says:

    It was great work! I was really impressed.
    I imagine your application consist of Unity game engine receive a character’s motion data from MotionBuilder in realtime.
    Did you make a custom plugin for MotionBuilder?
    What protocol did you use? original or something open source like VRPN?

    • brekel says:

      Yep you understood it pretty thoroughly, that was pretty close to out setup.
      In the future we’ll integrate everything directly into Unity, but for the first show we used a bit of MotionBuilder on the backend so we could build a fully functional prototype quickly.

      Indeed I created a custom MotionBuilder device to get the data out and into MotionBuilder over a network socket.
      I didn’t use VRPN (but I’m gonna check it out now you mention it) but just passed a bunch of numbers over a UDP port.

  • miguel says:

    are you using a mocap system like optitrack arena to stream realtime mocap data ? or this prerendered avatar and build into the general video ?

    • brekel says:

      The character was done completely live in the Unity game engine, using an XSens mocap suit.
      Same for the shadow he was casting on the environment and the elevator & door he was interacting with, all in realtime.

      The backgrounds were pre-rendered and everything was mixed live in a hardware video mixer.

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