NUIA eyeCharm

Interesting new Kickstarter project for Kinect addon hardware to turn it into an eye tracker.


Thursday, March 14th, 2013 Ranting

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  • Ben says:

    very cool. I’m sad to see that Sony’s PS4 Depth camera is going to have a Aux connector (aka proprietary). I really hope Microsoft does not follow suit with the next Xbox and make theirs fully proprietary (like the bundled Kinect for the 360). I have high hopes for more accurate face/body mocap, larger captures areas, and finger mocap. Saw that iPi mocap made it onto the Steam software store…. Maybe you should post your software on there and give them a run for their money. 😛

    • brekel says:

      All you need is the separately sold power supply to connect an XBox Kinect to a PC. If you buy a separate Kinect (for XBox or for windows) that is included.

      Steam store for iPi makes sense since I think they spend quite a bit of time to make things compatible with Valve’s engine lately.

      Too bad for the PS4 connector.

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