Oooops v0.40 missed the motor drivers

If you downloaded v0.40 today and have troubles finding the motor drives, please redownload the installer.
The folder containing the drivers should now be part of the installer.

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 Kinect

4 Comments to Oooops v0.40 missed the motor drivers

  • A_Rival says:

    Hey… I have a feature request!

    The (Re)Create Character Nodes button should have an option for a timer…I can’t click that AND be in T-Pose at the same time! This would help us lonely folks who are doing motion capture by ourselves!


    • brekel says:

      You can either stand in T with mouse in hand (make sure you place in on top of the button first)

      Or simply record a take with a T-pose in it, then scrub to the T frame and hit the button.
      That’s how I usually do it.

  • PW says:

    v0.40 works great, was messing around with it today. Thanks for a neat tool!

  • RF says:

    Was about to ask where that folder was. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Cheers!

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