Pro Face v2 released!

After many months of beta testing Pro Face v2 is ready for release!
Thank you all beta testers, hope you had fun.

More info and free trials here:

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 Kinect

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  • Risu says:

    That makes sense and is understandable. Thanks for the rapid reply!

  • Risu says:

    Hi Jasper,

    First of all, great great work that you have done!

    A couple questions:

    For folks who want to get the Kinect 2 sensor and have Windows 7 and really want to buy the version 2 of Pro Face and Pro Body, must those people upgrade to Windows 8 or 10? This is a bit hard because Windows 7 may be their main platform and they would really prefer to have version 2 of your programs.

    Question 2:

    Regarding Pro Face, Pro Body and Pro Hands, do you have any intention to build these applications as a plugin perhaps so they can be used directly in Maya realtime? Therefore, with your software and the Kinect, one does not need to first capture the motion in Motion Builder and then export to Maya. Ideally it would be awesome to be able to operate your great work directly in Maya. Is this in the works?


    • brekel says:

      Windows 8/8.1/10 is a requirement by the Kinect v2 drivers so there is no way around that.
      On Windows7 USB3 support is very old (and usually provided by the chipset manufacturers.
      Since Win8 Microsoft rewrote the USB3 stack to work well with high bandwidth devices like the Kinect v2.

      I have experimented with writing a Maya plugin but at the moment nothing is planned yet.

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