The 3D Tech Behind Virtual Production using Kinect

Here’s the presentation from this year’s Siggraph:

Thursday, August 18th, 2011 Kinect, Ranting

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  • ehsan_j says:

    is There Any Way to capture a HD(High REs) Frame With Brekel ?

    • brekel says:

      I use the 640x480x30fps streams from the Kinect, there is a 1280×1024 mode but it’s only 10-12fps which makes it useless for motion tracking.

      For scanning, for the depth sensor it seems to work slightly different. If you look closely at the 640×480 depth stream you can see the detail isn’t really down to the pixel level. But is generally a bit more splotchy, so (although I haven’t tested it) using the higher resolution wouldn’t get you more actual real detail.

      Who knows, maybe the second or third generation of sensors will bump up the detail levels.

      • ehsan-j says:

        tnks… but … where or how i Can Find 1280×1024 mode ?
        Is there The Option or patch or… or Must Modify the Config File ?

        • brekel says:

          Brekel Kinect only runs in the 640×480 30fps mode, there is no secret patch or config file for it that would change that at the moment.
          So the best bet would be to start coding yourself with the OpenNI, OpenKinect or Microsoft SDK I suppose.

  • XenoAisam says:

    wahaa~~ congratulation!
    you’re going to get rich after this eh? 😀

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