The wait is over

That’s it, the wait is over, Brekel Kinect Pro Face is now available in both a Trial and Retail version.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 Kinect, Ranting, Tools

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  • Eldiren says:

    In Cinema 4D the Animation Units don’t carry over to the head null in the FBX format. I’m looking into why this is, or if they are imported elsewhere, but I was wondering if there was some other way they might be stored in a future version?

    • brekel says:

      Hmmm that’s a bummer 🙁

      There were some issues in old versions but the new ones (including the example files) load correctly in Maya for example.

      Assuming you have the latest example files it may be something in the Cinema importer then.

      They are also stored in the TXT files, which are generic text files.
      You would however have to write an importer script for Cinema for those.

  • Eldiren says:

    I get an error enabling skeleton tracking: failed to initialize COM Error code = 0x80070057 but it does find the depth and video streams. Anything I can check to see what the issue might be?

    • brekel says:

      Hmmmm, that is very weird especially since depth&video do work, I haven’t seen that one myself yet.

      I’m assuming that is with the latest version? v1.23

  • Tri says:

    Are you sure that the installation is complete ?
    I have just installed “Brekel Kinect Pro Face Setup v1.10 64bit Trial” and all I get is the following error after execution

    The program can’t start because Kinect10.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

    But even if I did reinstall, the problem insists!
    I am tryint to get it working under Windows7 64Bit ultimate.

    Is there a bug in the latest install or there is something that I need to do to get it working?
    Please specify

    • brekel says:

      Did you install the Microsoft Kinect SDK drivers?
      See page 3 of the documentation.

      • Tri says:

        I have installed KinectRuntime-v1.5-Setup.exe and all I get is the following error!

        brekel kinect pro face “error, sensor is an unsupported model”

        Please note that brekel kinect for body does work corrcet with the sensor.

        Last but not least I removed every possible kinext installation (both face and body) and all other drivers from the system and reinstalled from scratch the KinectRuntime-v1.5-Setup.exe and your setup and still get the aforementioned error.

        Please help !?
        Is there a known bug or there is still something that i do wrong ?

        • Tri says:

          False alarm – found the issue.
          I had to install the full sdk for it to get it working.
          (Btw, I wish the installation was much more transparent to the end user)

          • Tri says:

            Is it possible to install and get them working both Brekel Kinect and Brekel Kinect Pro face on the same system ?
            I am not asking for simultaneously execution, but just being able to run each one on the same system at once !?

            From what I’ve seen, after installing Brekel Kinect Open NI Auto installer, Pro face refused to work from there one, being unable to recognize the sesnor and vice versa.

            Is that a known issue ?
            Please help

            • brekel says:

              That is a known issue as both use a different driver. (Microsoft SDK vs OpenNI)

              At some point I may do another incarnation of the body application using the Microsoft drivers but until that is done this is the only way unfortunately.

              Btw, the next version will chain install the drivers.

              • Tri says:

                I have another main issue unfortunately.
                The pro face runs and videos and depth views work correct, but unfortunately, no relatime capture is working ? Meaning no face-vertices is viewed in the main area – actually it says “no face found”

                What’s wrong?

                Isn’t Trial version a fully evaluation port of the program ?

                • Tri says:

                  Found out that it doesn’t work in small distances.
                  Anyway, I think for evaluation you need to include the ability to export an example so that one may test the process out in their workflows to check wether it fits. I am only curious about the results as far as smoothing is concerned because as this is going to be motion captured, would it be easy for one to fix things like that ??

                  I would really like to test the whole process out.
                  Any luck of releasing such a version in the near future.

                  • brekel says:

                    Yep, as you’ve found out when you get too close to the sensor it can’t measure the depth.
                    It is best to stay as close as possible though, the depth view can give you a good indication on the optimal distance.

                    I’ll mail you a link to an evaluation version that is fully functional for a limited time period.

  • Doobie says:

    Yes. I tried to load Fbx into Daz 3D with no luck. The file did load but there was nothing there except the xyz even though I had selected a Daz Genesis figure.

    I like the price point and I’ve successfully used your earlier work.

    I have not yet played with the MS SDK.

    • brekel says:

      Hmmmm, that’s interesting to hear.
      I’m not a DAZ user so I can’t test and see what the FBX looks like in every package that supports FBX unfortunately.

      The FBX contains an object for the head which receives position & rotation data and also has custom attributes for the Animation Unit channels.
      And it has joints for all the face points, the same ones that the base application visualizes in the 3D window.

    • Doobie says:

      I got it to work!

      I will try BVH export next.

  • brekel says:

    You don’t need MotionBuilder, the files in the examples zip were all recorded straight out of the application to disk.

    The audio comes in a separate .wav file (currently it doesn’t get embedded in the avi movie yet), it plays correctly for me in windows media player.
    Did you have trouble reading it with any particular program?

  • Doobie says:

    Does the new Face Tracker Pro require MotionBuilder? Also, I heard no audio on your


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