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Brekel Hands, OpenVR Recorder Body/Face/PointCloud v1 & v2 will occasionally receive free minor updates/fixes.

Brekel Body & PointCloud v3 will receive free updates for one year after purchase and is still in active development.

After maintenance has expired the apps remain fully functional without restrictions.

You can choose to keep using it without additional updates/fixes or purchase another year of maintenance (at reduced price).



When you want to upgrade an application from v1 to v2, from v1 to v3 or from v2 to v3 you are eligible for a 30% discount. (while still in beta a 30% discount is automatically applied, so no need to request a personal upgrade discount)

When you want to upgrade from v3 Single Sensor to the v3 Multi Sensor version you are eligible for a discount so you are only charged for the price difference.



Please contact me at upgrade@brekel.com with the name and/or email address used for your license purchase and your upgrading needs, I'll provide you with a personal coupon code for your upgrade discount.