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PointCloud v1

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For Kinect for Windows v1 and Kinect for XBox360 (with separately available power adapter) sensors.


Brekel Pointcloud v1 is a Windows application that enables 3D animators to record 3D pointcloud using a Microsoft Kinect sensor, and export them to popular mesh-cache and particle-cache formats for use most 3D packages.
  • uses Microsoft Kinect SDK so it can happily co-exist with the other Brekel Kinect Pro applications
  • drastically improved speed and accuracy over free Brekel Kinect workflow
  • record pointclouds and/or meshes at full 30 fps to a custom file format
  • convert as a post process to the desired output format(s)
  • supported mesh cache formats: Realflow .bin, Alembic, Wavefront .obj sequences
  • supported particle cache formats: Realflow .bin, BGEO (Houdini pre-v12), PDB, PDC, Krakatoa PRT, PTC
  • supported texture formats: AVI, JPG, PNG, TGA, TIFF
  • ability to sync recording between multiple instances of the app on the same machine or different machines on the same network
  • allowing synchronized recording of multiple Kinect sensors