About me

My name is Jasper Brekelmans, born in 1975 in the southern part of The Netherlands in a town called Boxtel, an have been in the professional 3D industry since 99.

I currently live in Amsterdam and work both at my own company “Brekel 3D” as well as at Motek Entertainment.
At “Brekel 3D” I work as a 3D tech-artist and software developer.
I specialize in pipeline and tool creation for the 3D character creation market, ranging from pipeline solutions for offline productions to interactive solutions and capture & rigging tools based on Kinect based workflows.

Motek Entertainment specializes in (realtime) virtual character creation using Motion Capture technology, my position there is as a senior mocap & character TD and custom tool/pipeline developer.

We do projects for several TVshows as well as contract work for film/game/commercials, and live events.
Our projects include capture-only ones for clients. But also full on projects from start to finish, including design, modeling, animation, rendering & compositing.

My daily jobs include setting up and maintaining the pipelines for optical and magnetic mocap projects, including things like automation for Motionbuilder rendering and lipsync generation.

Creating custom tools as wel as plugins and scripts for MotionBuilder, Maya and Blade.

Doing character setups and deformation setups for various offline and realtime purposes.
Rigging characters and anything else that’s supposed to move, usually with live-performance as a driving force.
Using human motion, puppetering and director input at the shooting stage.
Cleaning up and retargeting all kinds of motion data.

My main tools are MotionBuilder, Maya, Vicon’s Blade and Nuke but I have been spotted using others 😉
I fluently speak Dutch, English and my coding skills include MEL, Python, HSL, C++, C#, Qt, OpenGL, OpenNI, Microsoft Kinect SDK and others.