RaspBerry Pi Face Camera & HMC (Helmet Mounted Camera)

A wireless, light weight, Helmet Mounted Camera (HMC) solution based on low cost (~$125) off-the-shelf components and open-source 3D printable files & software, that can be used with Brekel Body v3 for face tracking / motion capture.

The advantage of using a helmet mounted camera is that the face will always be visible and well lit (comes with (optional) internal LEDs) so the tracker has better and more stable data compared to using the same camera as used for body tracking. (in which case the face will usually be small in frame and potentially not visible at times).

3D printable files for the camera case on Printables and MakerWorld.

3D printable files for the helmet mounts on Printables and MakerWorld.


  • based on Raspberry Pi Zero 2W and Camera Module 3 (Wide)
  • video streaming over Wi-Fi (40-60 fps)
  • fully 3D printed case, snaps together, no screws needed
  • can easily be printed on consumer 3D printers or by 3D printing services
  • about 50 grams for camera including electronics
  • about 160 grams for helmet mount solution (including camera)
  • powered by a simple USB power bank (for many hours)
  • mounts to any off-the-shelf helmet (bicycle helmet, security helmet etc)
  • open source design files (STL & STEP)
  • automated installation script based on open source software: camera-streamer