Brekel OpenVR Recorder

Motion Capture using Vive/Oculus/Meta & other VR devices


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Brekel OpenVR Recorder is designed to record tracking data from devices with drivers for OpenVR / SteamVR.
This currently includes controllers, HMDs and trackers from HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other VR systems.

The accuracy and high framerates of these VR devices can be useful for 3D animation, VFX production, general research or recording play-testing of VR games/experiences.

  • works with all devices supported by OpenVR/SteamVR
  • support for headset, controllers and trackers
  • support for fingers for Valve Index / Vive Knuckle and regular controllers
  • record multiple devices simultaneously including HMD, controllers and trackers (only limited by the amount supported by OpenVR)
  • works in realtime, no offline processing required
  • can work while simultaneously running your game/experience and record in the background
  • tracking framerates of up to 600 Hz (depending on the device), support to resample to lower framerates
  • record to FBX file format
  • record to text files
  • recort to CSV files
  • (BVH is NOTt supported as it’s not suitable to store the data from HMD, controllers & trackers)
  • record audio (from any source including HMD microphone)
  • record video from device’s camera (depends on HMD hardware support)
  • ability to sync recording between multiple Brekel app on the same machine or different machines on the same network
  • ability to start/stop recording and set basic output settings while in VR
  • Optionally stream and record directly to Autodesk MotionBuilder using included plugins
  • optionally stream joint data over OSC (Open Sound Control) to other apps