VRLA/FMX talk available online

As some of you may know my VRLA talk video footage got lost….
But thanks to someone from the excellent video crew going out of his way to track it down (in his precious spare time nonetheless!) it is now finally available! 😁

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Talks in spring 2018 at FMX and VRLA

It’s official I will be speaking at

FMX: April 24 – 27 in Stuttgart, Germany


VRLA: May 4 – 5 in Los Angeles, United States

Early bird tickets are already available for both conferences at their respective websites.
Topic will be “Ahh Screw It…Let’s Use Depth Sensors and VR/AR Equipment in Production”


The main vibe of this talk will be inspirational by showing real world examples of using low cost hardware in 3D animation, visual effects, game production.

In the first half we'll explore the use of consumer depth sensors (like Kinect, Orbbec & RealSense).
 Topics include pointlouds (volumetric video) and motion capture.

In the second half we'll look at recording Vive/Rift tracking data and see how it compares to some higher end motion capture equipment.
 As well as how a HoloLens can be used on a highend mocap shoot to help visualize realtime 3D characters on set.

Oh and there may be some 80s & 90s animated gifs :)
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3D Sensor Extravaganza at EUE2014

Hear yee hear yee!

My talk at EUE will be a “3D Sensor Extravaganza” showing currently available AND beta/pre-release sensors.

And having an indepth look at the various principles behind the technologies and hands-on with live data streams and techniques to get them into your favourite 3D application.

More info (and tickets) here:

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Talk at EUE2014

Yep it’s official…. The tradition continues, I’m doing a talk at:


5-6 June, Utrecht – The Netherlands


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EUE2013 – Virtual Joep the outtakes

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Virtual Joep – EUE2013 Teaser

May I present to you Virtual Joep, the new mascotte for the End User Event conference.

If you want to meet him live and in realtime and want to hear how he was made come visit my talk at the conference, more info at

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Talk at End User Event 2013 – 101 Creative uses of the Kinect

Once again I’ll be speaking at the annual End User Event, also known as “Dutch Siggraph in a pub”, in Utrecht – The Netherlands this year.

In this talk we’ll dive deep into the Microsoft Kinect sensor, exploring how it works and why it’s a such a special little device.
We’ll look at using it for 3D scanning, 4D pointcloud acquisition, markerless body and facial motion capture.
With live demonstrations and comparisons to highend more expensive techniques and equipment.
Rounding up with an indepth look at how “Virtual Joep” was created.

More details here:


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Autodesk demo’s ProFace and ProBody beta

Thank you Gary M Davis for doing a demo with MotionBuilder and my face and body tracker.




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Thanks to all Third Dimension attendees!

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk at the Third Dimensions convention.
Hope you all had fun, it was a great experience and maybe see you soon!

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Third Dimension convention, last chance

Last chances to register for the free Third Dimension convention that’s being held next Tuesday the 2nd of October in Frankfurt!

I’ll be speaking in the main room at 12.00 about the creation of (interactive) virtual characters for low- to high-end budgets.
You can expect 45 mins of cool stuff including some of the latest and greatest in the facial motion capture field!

Ooooh did I mention there will be drinks afterwards? 🙂
Third Dimension

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