Brekel Body v3

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Brekel Body v3 is a Windows application that uses data from depth sensors and webcams for real-time markerless body motion capture including modern AI / Deep Learning tracking. Optionally it can also do face tracking, either from the same sensor or from a HMC (Head Mounted Camera).

The app can utilize one or more sensors, connected to one or more machines, different sensor brands/types can be mixed.
Functionality for sensor alignment calibration and data fusion is integrated.
All data is visualized and tracked in realtime.
Includes additional deep-learning based tracker functionality for higher quality (CPU with AVX2 support or NVIDIA RTX GPU required)
Highly multi-threaded C++ code to scale well to multiple sensors and multiple core machines.

No subscription costs, no cloud processing, no login, all data stays locally on your machine.​


Supported sensors:

  • Azure Kinect
  • Kinect for XBox 360 / Kinect for Windows v1
  • Kinect for XBox One / Kinect for Windows v2 (one sensor per machine due to driver/SDK restrictions)
  • Orbbec Astra, Astra Pro & Embedded S sensors (one per machine due to Orbbec body tracker SDK restrictions)
  • Orbbec Femto sensors (currently cannot be used on same machine as Azure Kinect sensors)
  • StereoLabs ZED 2
  • Intel RealSense (when using deep-learning based tracker)
  • Webcams (NVIDIA RTX required)


Recording file formats:

  • FBX (compatible with almost all 3d apps)
  • BVH
  • TXT
  • CSV
  • BPC (Brekel Point Cloud)
  • WAV (audio)
  • FBX/BVH naming conventions: Autodesk HumanIK, 3DMax Biped, Blender, Mixamo, Poser/Daz


Network live streaming:



  • The perpetual license will never expire, you can always run/install the application
  • This includes one year of free maintenance updates (for the v3 branch), after this you can either continue to use the software or purchase a one-year maintenance upgrade to continue to receive updates for another year
  • A Multi-Sensor license lets you use as many sensors as you want on one license, either on a single machine or from multiple networked machines, you can also mix sensor brands/types of course.
  • A Single-Sensor license restricts to using a single sensor at a time (from any brand/type)


“Nutritious Soil”, song & visuals by Simon Aulis (made with Grasshopper/Rhino)