Brekel Hands – Retail Installer Download

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(see changelog below)

64bit installer (recommended):

v1.59 64bit installer
v1.58 64bit installer
v1.57 64bit installer
v1.56 64bit installer
v1.55 64bit installer
v1.54 64bit installer
v1.53 64bit installer
v1.52 64bit installer
v1.51 64bit installer
v1.50 64bit installer
v1.49 64bit installer
v1.48 64bit installer
v1.47 64bit installer
v1.46 64bit installer
v1.45 64bit installer
v1.44 64bit installer
v1.43 64bit installer
v1.42 64bit installer
v1.41 64bit installer
v1.40 64bit installer
v1.39 64bit installer
v1.38 64bit installer
v1.37 64bit installer
v1.36 64bit installer
v1.35 64bit installer
v1.34 64bit installer
v1.33 64bit installer
v1.32 64bit installer
v1.31 64bit installer
v1.30 64bit installer
v1.29 64bit installer
v1.28 64bit installer
v1.27 64bit installer
v1.26 64bit installer
v1.25 64bit installer
v1.24 64bit installer
v1.23 64bit installer
v1.22 64bit installer
v1.21 64bit installer
v1.20 64bit installer
v1.19 64bit installer
v1.18 64bit installer
v1.17 64bit installer
v1.16 64bit installer
v1.15 64bit installer
v1.14 64bit installer
v1.13 64bit installer
v1.12 64bit installer
v1.11 64bit installer
v1.10 64bit installer
v1.09 64bit installer
v1.08 64bit installer
v1.07 64bit installer
v1.06 64bit installer
v1.05 64bit installer
v1.04 64bit installer
v1.03 64bit installer
v1.02 64bit installer
v1.01 64bit installer
v1.00 64bit installer
v0.92 64bit installer
v0.91 64bit installer
v0.90 64bit installer
v0.70 64bit installer
v0.61 64bit installer
v0.60 64bit installer
v0.53 64bit installer
v0.52 64bit installer
v0.51 64bit installer
v0.50 64bit installer


32bit installer (no longer supported):

v1.36 32bit installer
v1.35 32bit installer
v1.34 32bit installer
v1.33 32bit installer
v1.32 32bit installer
v1.31 32bit installer
v1.30 32bit installer
v1.29 32bit installer
v1.28 32bit installer
v1.27 32bit installer
v1.26 32bit installer
v1.25 32bit installer
v1.24 32bit installer
v1.23 32bit installer
v1.22 32bit installer
v1.21 32bit installer
v1.20 32bit installer
v1.19 32bit installer
v1.18 32bit installer
v1.17 32bit installer
v1.16 32bit installer
v1.15 32bit installer
v1.14 32bit installer
v1.13 32bit installer
v1.12 32bit installer
v1.11 32bit installer
v1.10 32bit installer
v1.09 32bit installer
v1.08 32bit installer
v1.07 32bit installer
v1.06 32bit installer
v1.05 32bit installer
v1.04 32bit installer
v1.03 32bit installer
v1.02 32bit installer
v1.01 32bit installer
v1.00 32bit installer
v0.92 32bit installer
v0.91 32bit installer
v0.90 32bit installer



Download PDF (also included with installer)

- updated to latest UltraLeap 5.2 & 6.0 drivers/SDK

- updated internal libraries to latest versions
- fixed error not being able to load cudart64 dll on some machines

- fixed issue with left/right images both being the left one
- fixed issue with missing ffmpeg dll files in trial installer

- added functionality to save raw sensor video data to movie file
	- left and right are stacked on top of another and saved in a single file
	- several video codec options are available
	- hardware acceleration for encoding available depending on GPU and selected codec
	- bitrate can be specified
	- note that these can be very high frame rate video files
- added option for Unreal Engine compatability in FBX export
	- this adds a (tiny) cube mesh to the hierarchy so that UE can load the FBX file
	- note that you may need to enable the following option in the FBX Import Options window:
		"Animation > Snap to Closest Frame Boundary"
- added option to save in FBX 2019 file format
- added option to save in FBX 2020 file format
- updated to latest FBX SDK 2020.3.4
- updated to latest UltraLeap 5.12.0 drivers/SDK

- updated internal libraries to latest versions
- updated to latest UltraLeap 5.5.3 drivers/SDK

- Added MotionBuilder 2023 plugin

- updated to latest UltraLeap 5.2 drivers/SDK

- fixed issue where network stream wasn't initialized automatically on startup and required user to enable it manually
- updated internal libraries

- Added MotionBuilder 2022 plugin

- added image brightness measurement to the video stream data
  - allows for use cases where a user wants to synchronize events with a light flash for example
  - exported to FBX, TXT and CSV file formats (on the hand objects)
  - the value itself is a sum of the pixel brightness values divided by the number of pixels so should only be used as a relative number between frames
  - note that these devices only detect infrared light!
- speed and reliability improvement in smoothing/filtering code
- lots of small bugfixes, prevention measures, optimizations and potential memory leaks based on static code analysis

- rewrote internal engine to use the latest C based SDK (instead of the older C++ SDK) for better efficiency and future support
- now compiled against and tested with the latest Gemini v5 developer preview drivers/SDK
  - better performance with two-hand interactions
  - improved hand initialization
  - better overall tracking stability
  - v4 drivers are still supported
- implemented driver management functionality
  - manually accessible from the top menu under File > Drivers
  - automatically pops up at startup when no drivers or older drivers are found
  - offers direct link to UltraLeap site
  - offers direct download/install option
  - offers to ignore warnings (until manually invoked)
  - UltraLeap installers will automatically remove existing drivers
  - allows for easy switching between v4 & v5 drivers
  - GUI will display which drivers are currently used (at the top of the settings panel)

- fixed issue with audio recorder producing empty files during recording when no audio source was specified
- improved compatability with more audio devices
- updated code signing certificate

- internally now forces the use of desktop OpenGL drivers (which was the default on almost all machines anyway)
  - overruling a QT_OPENGL environment setting that a user or other program may have set
  - a QT_OpenGL setting of "angle" could prevent some GUI widgets from being drawn
- updated internal libraries

- added option to playback an audio file at the start of a recording
- added option to record audio to WAV file
- last message log file is now moved to a _old folder at startup so we always keep the current and previous log for debugging / crash reporting purposes
- updated 2D & 3D OpenGL windows and drawing internals to a more modern widget class
- updated to new compiler profiting from new optimizations
- updated a bunch of internal libraries to the latest versions

- fixed an issue with "opencv_world430.dll" not loading on some machines in previous version

- small update to Remote Triggering

- fixed issue with crash report generation/upload

- moved all licensing options to their own menu in the top menu bar
- added functionality to the top menu to remove license file (so you can install it on a different machine)

- updated the GUI stylesheet
- added MotionBuilder 2020 plugin
- trial now records up to 10 seconds
- consolidated some cross application code
- added option to directly upload a crash report to the Brekel server
- added toggle option to Settings menu at the top for turning High DPI Scaling On/Off on next application start
- started digitally signing executable to help alleviate anti-virus false positives

- added error message popup window when a file cannot be written to alert the user more vigorously
- internally switched to a different library packaging system
- updated internal libraries to latest versions
- cleaned up dll files

- added MotionBuilder 2019 plugin
- rearranged MotionBuilder plugins page in the installer
- moved log and all other user settings file to Brekel folder in Documents folder
  - to avoid clutter when using multiple Brekel apps on a machine

- updated to latest Leap Motion v4 sdk/drivers
  - fixed video windows
- updated to Qt 5.12.0
- added warning if video is not supported by drivers
- switched to latest FBX SDK
- added extra options for writing older FBX formats
- changed FBX file type naming to 2006-2018 naming convention, with internal file format (v6.1 - v7.5) in parentheses

- maintenance release
- upgraded internal libraries for latest security and performance updates
- now compiled with visual studio 2017
- dropped support for 32bit version

- fixed an issue with recording not starting when using Remote Triggering

- fixed crash log files as some filetypes were giving issues with the new mail server
- when using "Record Triggering" the "Append Date/Time" is now respected when it's enabled on the Master 

- updated internal libraries to latest version to take advantage of latest
  - performance updates
  - security updates

- fixed a problem where recording button could get stuck in "Processing data..." mode

- fixed problem where preview stopped working

- added logger window
  - the info from the black console window is now displayed in a logging window in the GUI of the app
  - logging info is also saved to a log file (in your My Documents folder)
- Added crash reporting feature
  - when a crash is detected log files and debugging info is collected
  - a zip file will be placed on your desktop
  - and a dialog box will ask you to send this file by email so the cause can be debugged

- fixed a bug where record time could be inaccurate with fluctuating tracking fps
- fixed issue where timestamps could be wrong resulting in erratic FBX files on longer recordings
- file export process now runs in a separate thread so the GUI remains responsive
- "Auto Filename" is now renamed to "Append Data/Time"
  - it will now always respect the manually set filename
  - and when turned ON simply append the date/time to it

- added MotionBuilder 2018 plugins
- 2D and 3D openGL drawing should be a bit more efficient now
- increased size of font in black console window
- file browser windows now handle symbolic links correctly
- fixed a bug where camera could get too close to it's target
- updated libraries to latest versions

- "new version available" window now shows full changelog, not just the last change
- license installer should now warn if no license key file was found in a zip archive

- added option to stream OSC (Open Sound Control) data out to other applications  (see documentation on available OSC messages)

- fixed problem where reported number of frames was incorrect when tracking was lost during recording
- fixed problem with preview window not showing show frames with no tracked hands
- fixed possible multi threading race condition in recorder
- fixed small issue with video widgets sometimes not being visible
- fixed console font size for Win10 anniversary update
- added option to resample FBX framerate
- fixed console font size for Win10 anniversary update
- updated internal libraries
- upgraded C++ 2015 redistributable installer to SP3 to avoid problems for fresh installs

- updated internal libraries
- added support for for MotionBuilder 2017

- better support for high DPI screens
- maintenance release, updated Visual Studio 2015, Qt 5.6 and FBX SDK 2016.1.2

- fixed some issues with drawing of video frames
- fixed some issues with hand flickering
- fixed a crash that could happen when a hand was visible at application startup

- timestamps in CSV files were invalid when Left hand was invisible, fixed now
- improved timestamp accuracy

- maintenance release, updates to internal libraries

- maintenance update with some small change to update mechanism
- C++ redistributable libraries (vc_redist) are now installed in a different way

- fixed small but crucial bug for checking if update is available

- small modification on checking if update is available

- added option to menu to help with manual license installation
- a Network Triggered recording will now create a folder if it has to
- recompiled for drivers 2.2.7
- updated to Qt 5.5

- fixed bug where Remote Trigger could fire record start signals for formats that were disabled

- now includes plugin for MotionBuilder 2016

- license installation is now done with elevated administrator privileges to avoid problems on certain machines

- now provides some additional help when license extraction/copy fails
- tips and documentation are now displayed in the statusbar when you mouse-over buttons/settings
- recompiled for drivers 2.2.3

- recompiled for drivers 2.2.2

- fixed bug with mangled torso when exporting FBX with Include Body and only a single hand visible during take
- FBX with Include Body now uses reasonable defaults when a hand is never seen during the take

- small change to updating mechanism

- recompiled for drivers 2.2.0

- recompiled for drivers 2.1.5

- recompiled for drivers 2.1.4

- added option to optimize tracker for HMD (Head Mounted Display) mode, for example when mounted to an Oculus Rift

- needs drivers 2.1.2 (not compatible with older version)
- should now work with HP embedded devices, as well as standalone sensor
- moved video into it's own docking widget so it can be docked in the GUI, or floated as like

- MotionBuilder plugin should now record correctly when only the Right hand is visible
- FBX exporter now correctly sets frames per second in the file header to 115 fps

- added support for display of raw video images for reference
  - make sure you use drivers v2.10 or higher
  - enable "Use Images" in the Leap Motion Control Panel
- slight speed improvements on drawing 3D viewport
- draw fps is now correctly saved/loaded on exit/startup
- draw Memory/CPU usage is now correctly saved/loaded on exit/startup
- icon now contains multiple resolutions so it's nicely anti-aliased on smaller sizes

- FBX with just hands, and only 1 hand visible didn't export correctly, fixed now
- camera navigation should be more intuitive now
- use CTRL-A on the 3D view to frame the full interaction volume
- use CTRL-F on the 3D view to frame the visible hand(s)

- hands that have been not tracked for longer than half a second now automatically disappear
- BVH exporter had wrong thumb end bones in certain cases, fixed now
- several fixes for Biped BVH, should now use correct axis orientations adjusted for needed non-standard basepose
- Poser/DAZ and Biped BVH files now always include a body, since those programs need it

- if tracking is lost hands now stay in the last known position
- no longer accidentally displays ghost hands, only a single Left and single Right one
- number of recorded frames wasn't always correct after recording stopped
- Preview window now correctly draws forearms when available
- Play preview didn't always work
- "Delete Take" button now has a slightly red tint
- "Keep Take" button now has a slightly green tint
- a constant key reducer filter is now applied to all curves in recorded FBX files, 
  to produce smaller files and cleaner data
- MotionBuilder plugin should now work correctly when using driver v2.02 (without forearms)
- now using Qt 5.3.1

- will now auto detect between driver v2.03 (with forearms) and v2.02 (better stability)
 and automatically switch forearm usage ON/OFF internally
- slightly stronger default settings for palm filtering

- compiled against SDK v2.0.3 17004
- now supports wrist and forearm tracking (not supported for BVH)
- recording countdown is now displayed in the middle of the screen
- "check for new versions at startup" setting wasn't being saved/loaded
- when new version is available the changelog will now be displayed

- Release Candidate version
- includes 32bit version now (and trial versions)
- recorded amount of seconds is correct now
- changing axis while smoothing is enabled now works immediately
- tracking confidence (per hand) is now displayed
- device type is now printed to the console at startup (Peripheral/Laptop/Keyboard)
- tracking/drawing FPS now displayed at the bottom of the 3D window (toggle in top menu)
- memory/cpu usage is now displayed at the bottom of the 3D window (toggle in top menu)
- added tooltips for GUI elements
- changed the icon to something more in style with the rest of the apps
- added higher resolution MotionBuilder device icon

- added "Include Body" option for FBX
  when ON:  saves a full body skeleton with only the fingers moving
  when OFF: saves palm position/rotation and fingers but no static body
- BVH basepose now has straight fingers
- BVH Biped is with arms down, others are now in T-pose
- added "Preview after record" functionality
  when enabled it allows you to replay the last recorded take and delete/keep the files
- cleaned up console messages some mroe when recording is succesfully saved to a file

- added the ability to flip forward & up axis individually
  so you can match your character rig setup perfectly

- BVH files should be usefull now
  (basepose may not be correct yet as it was based on feedback from a single user)
- TXT file exporter was only saving 2 decimals, now 6
- CSV file exporter was only saving 2 decimals, now 6
- increased palm filtering defaults a little bit
- thumb roll axis should now be a bit more stable when hyper extended
- cleaned up console messages when recording is succesfully saved to a file
- updated to driver/SDK version 2.0.1 build 15831
- only the first left & right hands are now drawn fully opaque
  subsequent hands will be drawn transparently as only the first pair of left/right hands are exported

- now includes MotionBuilder plugins
- fixed a bug where it could crash when starting recording with FBX selected
- cleaned up hand info drawing a bit
- uninstaller now correctly removes documentation folder
- now compiled with Visual Studio 2013 with the latest & greatest optimizations
- now using Qt 5.3.0
- now using FBX SDK 2015.1

- added smoothing functionality to filter jittery hand & finger motion if needed
- palm circles now draw correctly when using non default axis configurations
- axis flipping setting is now correctly saved/loaded
- record triggering setting is now correctly saved/loaded
- did a bunch of internal work for BVH saving (not finished yet)
	- should internally always use Forward Axis: Y and Up Axis: X now
	- started implementing option for saving a static body in the file to help certain 3D apps

 - added Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable to the installer (since apparently Leap Motion drivers need it)
 - online checking for new version now works properly
 - added link to "Driver Installation" to help menu
 - added link to "Downloads Page: to help menu
 - added link to "Forum" to help menu
 - installer now displays driver installation at the end

 - Initial public beta release