Jesse Davey creates new music video for The Feud using Pro PointCloud

Jesse Davey recently directed and created all the effects for the new music video for band “The Feud” for the song “This is Love”.

The clip was shot using a Microsoft Kinect and the Pro PointCloud application.
You can find more about Jesse here:
And more about the band here:

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Sweetie for Terres des Hommes

Finally I can announce a project I worked on last year, the “Sweetie” campaign for Terres des Hommes.


Sweetie is a completely virtual girl, driven in realtime by an operator, that can go into public chat rooms and interact with predators of Webcam Child Sex Tourism.

In two months we caught in the act and identified 1,000 predators from 71 countries. Since then there have been several convictions in several different countries.
Governments were urged to act after the world witnessed us handing over our short movie, research findings, and the 1,000 names to Interpol.

Official video

Making of


Hirez turntable (quicktime)

Terres des Hommes creates avatar to bait pedophiles

Modelling/Shading:                                  Mao Lin Liao (Khitan Digital)
Animation/Body Rig:                                 Michiel van Iperen
Mocap Tracking/Face Rig/Webcam emulation software:  Jasper Brekelmans (yep that's me)
Actress Body/Face/Stem:                             Klavertje Patijn
Production & Motion capture facilities:             Motek Entertainment
Facial mocap hardware/software:                     Dynamixyz
Body mocap hardware/software:                       Vicon
Agency:                                             Lemz
Rendering software:                                 Solid Angle Arnold
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Brekel Kinect Pro Body used by VoctroLabs for interactive, realtime, virtual performance

See audience members have loads of fun with the interactive installation here:


More info at David Inlines page here (in Spanish)

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Thin Air Studios uses Brekel Kinect Pro face

Thin Air Studios used Brekel Kinect Pro Face for lipsync on their latest episode of a sports teaching animation series for “pre-gamers” (5 – 8 year olds just starting sports)


Check out the latest episode “Golf – Golf Bag & Wedge Play”.

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Brekel Kinect Pro Face being used for a good cause

Phillip Fitzlaff from Motion Dynamics Animation is using Brekel Kinect Pro Face for his animated show Max Adventure”.
A fantasy based, family friendly entertainment in the form of animated programming to help educate parents and children in coping with behavioral and emotional situations.
In the spirit of popular 80s shows like He-Man, Fat Albert, G.I Joe, and Thundercats.
Crowd funding recently started on Rockethub, so if you’re a fan of those 80s shows and support the good cause just like me check it out here and consider a helping hand at:

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EUE2013 – Virtual Joep the outtakes

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Virtual Joep – EUE2013 Teaser

May I present to you Virtual Joep, the new mascotte for the End User Event conference.

If you want to meet him live and in realtime and want to hear how he was made come visit my talk at the conference, more info at

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Talk at End User Event 2013 – 101 Creative uses of the Kinect

Once again I’ll be speaking at the annual End User Event, also known as “Dutch Siggraph in a pub”, in Utrecht – The Netherlands this year.

In this talk we’ll dive deep into the Microsoft Kinect sensor, exploring how it works and why it’s a such a special little device.
We’ll look at using it for 3D scanning, 4D pointcloud acquisition, markerless body and facial motion capture.
With live demonstrations and comparisons to highend more expensive techniques and equipment.
Rounding up with an indepth look at how “Virtual Joep” was created.

More details here:


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Brekel Kinect tools used for Halo 4 in-game cinematic

I’m very honored to share that according to a small article on FXGuide the cool people of  The Sequence Group used my Brekel Kinect tools for a small section of an in-game Halo 4 cinematic called ‘Librarian’.

Read more here:

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Wearable Kinect aka Kinect Snorricam

Just posted some info on my latest experiments creating a wearable Kinect setup for face tracking, based on the SnorriCam principle.


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