Pro Hands – FAQ

  • What hardware do I need?

Brekel Pro Hands needs a Leap Motion sensor.


  • Which drivers do I need?

You’ll need Leap Motion’s v2.x beta drivers which you can get from the official Leap Motion developer page or my downloads pages.


  • Can I use this with a Kinect sensor?

No, only a Leap Motion sensor is supported.


  • Can I record in sync with any other Brekel Kinect apps?

Yes, simply put one app’s “Recording Triggering” to “Master” and the others to “Slave”, recording start/stop and filenames/folders will be synced.

This will work if multiple apps run on the same computer, but also when they run on multiple computers on the same network.


  • How do I use the recorded data with my rig?

First have a close look at how the axis of your character are aligned, and match the axis in Brekel Pro Hands.

Then it should be a simple matter of setting up a series of orientation/rotation constraints to let your rig follow the data, but you can also simply copy&paste animation curves.


  • Can I record with props (pencils, cups etc)

The tracker is based on computer vision algorithms and a trained tracking model of hands.
It is not designed to track props and will get confused when the hands/fingers are obscured by sticks, cups or other props.
The only way to track hands/fingers reliably in those situations is with highend motion capture equipment.


  • Can I use two or more Leap Motion sensors?

Nope, currently the drivers only support a single Leap Motion sensor per machine, but this may change in the future.

You can however run the software on two separate machines, each with it’s own Leap Motion sensor.


  • Can I strap the Leap Motion device to my body?

Yes, for example initial experiments seem to indicate tracking still works when the sensor is strapped on the inside of the wrist, at about 3-5cm distance and 30-45 degrees rotated so it faces the fingers and palms.

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