This program is OLD, check the main page for the latest versions.


For higher quality body tracking check Pro Body.
For facial tracking check Pro Face.
For pointcloud recording and conversion to mesh- and particle-caches check Pro PointCloud.


Auto Driver Installer / Un-installer

This will download and run all the OpenNI and driver installers.
Brekel OpenNI Installer.exe
Brekel OpenNI Un-installer.exe

Brekel Kinect (free) main application

Brekel Kinect Setup v0.50.exe (use with v0.12 or higher of MoBu device)

MotionBuilder Device Plugin

(installer will autodetect 2009, 2010, 2011, 2011 subscription advantage pack, 2012, 2013, x86, x64 as long as they’re installed in the default folders on your C: drive, otherwise pick the .zip package and check the readme.txt file in it)
Brekel Kinect MoBu Device v0.15.exe (use with v0.36 or higher of Brekel Kinect)
Brekel Kinect MoBu Device (no installer) (use with v0.36 or higher of Brekel Kinect)