Kinect v4 (aka Kinect for Azure) all the details we know so far

As some of you may have heard Microsoft (actually Alex Kipman (the man behind Kinect1/2/HoloLens) himself) recently (May 7th 2017) announced their plans for the future of Kinect through the following article:

Introducing Project Kinect for Azure

Some of the details of Kinect v4 (v1 = XBox 360, v2 = XBox One, v3 = embedded in HoloLens)

  • Time of Flight technology (like v2 & v3)
  • depth resolution of 1024 x 1024
  • Highest Figure of Merit (highest modulation frequency and modulation contrast resulting in low power consumption with overall system power of 225-950mw)
  • Automatic per pixel gain selection enabling large dynamic range allowing near and far objects to be captured cleanly
  • Global shutter allowing for improved performance in sunlight
  • Multiphase depth calculation method enables robust accuracy even in the presence of chip, laser and power supply variation
  • Low peak current operation even at high frequency lowers the cost of modules
  • >6 meter range (with <1cm error at 4 meters), uses <1W power (thanks to Tim Field)
  • Minimum range is 20cm (in lower power mode) with 1-2mm error for distances <1m (thanks to Tim Field)


Here are the first images showing data (again to Tim Field)








You can find the signup page for dev-kit here:

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 Kinect

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