Multi Sensor – Installer Download

Main installer 64 bit versions

v0.45 64bit (Alpha)
v0.44 64bit (Alpha)
v0.43 64bit (Alpha)
v0.42 64bit (Alpha)
v0.41 64bit (Alpha)
v0.40 64bit (Alpha)

Latest Pro Body v2 BETA



- extended trial period
- updated Qt libraries

- quick fix to prevent crashing on "find clients" on some machines (especially when using the latest Pro Body v2 on multiple clients)

- extended license
- GUI should now scale better when space is restricted
- tooltips should be more readable now
- sensor transforms are now updated correctly when switching tabs
- added internal code to prevent possible crashes during calibration
- sensor transforms are now interpolated inbetween frames when timestamps differ
  should provide better accuracy on moving markers during calibration
- lots of under the hood work for skeleton data streaming and fusion (needs more work though)

- added "Video Feeds" tab for having a quick overview of all your machine's video feeds
  - handy for roughly aligning your physical sensors
  - can visualize detected markers, handy to debug if it's detected correctly
- application now tries to reselect primary machine by name, favouring the local machine name
- added "Shut Down" button, to shut down all remote machines (but not the machine Multi Sensor runs on)
- added "Manual Adjustment" section on "Align Secondary Sensors"
  - allows to set a manual pivot point
  - allows position/rotation offsets around this pivot
  - so you can adjust sensors by rotating/translating around a user-define point and not just from the camera's sensor
- fixed some bugs when loading calibration data from file
- more marker points are now used for reducing jitter and improving accuracy
- improved internal marker detection parameters
- added "Developer Settings" menu item
  - note that "Auto Optimize Marker Size" has moved into the developer settings
  - allows to show some internal developer settings in case you feel adventurous
  - look at tooltips on mouse-over for some tips on what the features do
  - this can also unlock the intrinsics calibration tab (and marker in preparation tab)

- alignment now also takes into account marker corners to converge to more precise alignment
- sensors should now also align to (aligned) secondary sensors, not just to the primary sensor
- added the ability to change the color and alpha per sensor (in the "Connected Clients" table)
  - settings are saved/loaded at exit/start
- added "Auto Optimize Marker Size" toggle (used to be ON by default)
  - tries to internally optimize the markersize for each sensor based on the given setting in the GUI and observed data
    (try setting the markersize deliberately wrong to see it converge)
  - not sure if On or Off is better for defaults
- buffer of calibration frames used was somehow capped to 30 in previous version, 600 now
- timestamp difference is now measured a few seconds after a new machine connects, not immediately
  (upcoming apps will average multiple samples)
- added commandline parameters to show some Dev settings if you're feeling REALLY adventurous
  (note that these settings are not saved/loaded on application exit/start)
  if you don't know what commandline parameters are and how to set them, these are probably not for you :)
  -showDevSettings_markerDetector    shows settings for how markers are detected in the video streams
  -showDevSettings_alignment         shows settings for calibrating and aligning sensors

- Initial public alpha release