OpenVR Recorder Downloads

Specific testing wanted for:

  • in theory this app should work while another game/experience is running
    • not sure if this is true for all games, so if you’re willing to test a few…..
  • Loading an FBX with textures has only been tested with Maya and MotionBuilder, does it work in other apps?


Known bugs and features that are not implemented yet:

  • Models with textures don’t work in MotionBuilder but do work correctly in Maya
  • Playback of recorded data not implemented yet



SteamVR must be installed and running


Main installer 64 bit versions

v0.56 64bit (Beta)
v0.55 64bit (Beta)
v0.54 64bit (Beta)
v0.53 64bit (Beta)
v0.52 64bit (Beta)
v0.51 64bit (Beta)
v0.50 64bit (Beta)



(also included with installer)



- implemented preview mode tab to playback the last recorded take
  - toggle to automatically switch to preview window after recording
  - button to delete or keep the take and switch back to live mode
- moved audio recording path from Audio tab to Output Formats tab
  - only enabled when audio device is selected in Audio tab
- Video output now displays message when
  - camera is disabled (in camera dock)
  - camera is not supported (only HTC Vive has an onboard camera)
- fixed some issues where some object names in FBX files weren't correct
- added option to select texture file format
- Display-Redirect devices are now exported (whatever they may be)
- removed unnecessary dll file from the installer

- included documentation in PDF form (shortcut in start menu)
- removed FBX embed media from GUI (as it wasn't working anyway)

- implemented audio recording functionality
- added audio waveform widget just below the 3D viewport
- implemented OSC network streaming
- cleaned up the tooltip rendering
- when camera presence is detected but no frames can be fetched
  print warning that the user may need to enable it in SteamVR settings
- fixed a bug where sometimes a recording wouldn't stop correctly
- fixed a bug where camera could get too close to it's target
- fixed a bug where a device that would connect while running would not fetch its name/serialnumber

- added device serial numbers to spreadsheet in GUI
- trackers that are connected to a periphiral with buttons should now (in theory) also record that button data
- added VR Overlay functionality
  - you can now start/stop recordings while in VR
  - you can now control most settings while in VR
  - settings in desktop app and VR panel are mirrored both ways
  - to use this on Vive
    - click the System button (below the trackpad)
    - click (Trigger button) the "Brekel" circlular item that appears at the bottom
      (next to Steam, Desktop and Settings)
    - a familiar panel with controls should now appear in front of you
  (not tested on Rift yet, not sure where/if this overlay panel shows up)

- added tooltips (mouse over) to all elemets in the GUI
- tooltips sizes should now better conform their contents
- added Drawing FPS text to 3D view
- added memory / cpu usage text to 3D view
- "Draw FPS" toggle (from Settings menu) now works
- "Warn for File Overwriting" toggle (from Settings menu) now works
- cosmetic changes to about window
- added a "Frame" button to frame the 3D viewport camera on the devices in the scene (also CTRL+A or CTRL+F)
- added a "Follow" button to follow the devices in the scene
- added a "Framing Mode" selector to select to frame only the devices (HMD/controllers/trackers) or everything
- Universe Origin should now actually work (not sure how usefull it really is though)
- implemented "Record Triggering" to synch start/stop/filenames across multiple Brekel apps
- implemented video recording

- file export process now runs in a separate thread so the GUI remains responsive
- fixed link to downloads page in Help menu
- opened up a new category in the forums, accesible through the Help menu
- added switch for Universe Origin (Seated, Standing, Raw and Uncalibrated)
- changed "Resample Frame Rate" default to 30 (for new installs)
- added OpenVR version numbers to the About window
- when exporting texture a pre-existing texture will now be skipped (to save time)
- camera framerate should now be more accurate
- when no camera is available (on Oculus Rift) the camera/video widget should display a message now
- implemented TXT exporter

- initial public beta release