Brekel Face v2 – Retail Installer Download

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Main installer 64 bit versions

v2.53 64bit
v2.52 64bit
v2.51 64bit
v2.50 64bit
v2.49 64bit
v2.48 64bit
v2.47 64bit
v2.46 64bit
v2.45 64bit
v2.44 64bit
v2.43 64bit
v2.42 64bit
v2.41 64bit
v2.40 64bit
v2.39 64bit
v2.38 64bit
v2.37 64bit
v2.36 64bit
v2.35 64bit
v2.34 64bit
v2.33 64bit
v2.32 64bit
v2.31 64bit
v2.30 64bit
v2.29 64bit
v2.28 64bit
v2.27 64bit
v2.26 64bit
v2.25 64bit
v2.24 64bit
v2.23 64bit
v2.22 64bit
v2.21 64bit
v2.20 64bit
v2.19 64bit
v2.18 64bit
v2.17 64bit
v2.16 64bit
v2.15 64bit
v2.14 64bit
v2.13 64bit
v2.12 64bit
v2.11 64bit
v2.10 64bit
v2.09 64bit
v2.08 64bit
v2.07 64bit
v2.06 64bit
v2.05 64bit
v2.04 64bit
v2.03 64bit
v2.02 64bit
v2.01 64bit
v2.00 64bit



- Added MotionBuilder 2023 plugin

- Added MotionBuilder 2022 plugin

- lots of small bugfixes, prevention measures, optimizations and potential memory leaks based on static code analysis

- improved compatibility with more audio devices
- updated internal libraries
- updated code signing certificate

- internally now forces the use of desktop OpenGL drivers (which was the default on almost all machines anyway)
  - overruling a QT_OPENGL environment setting that a user or other program may have set
  - a QT_OpenGL setting of "angle" could prevent some GUI widgets from being drawn
- updated internal libraries

- fixed issue where "Is Tracked" status was always true

- last message log file is now moved to a _old folder at startup so we always keep the current and previous log for debugging / crash reporting purposes
- updated 2D & 3D OpenGL windows and drawing internals to a more modern widget class
- updated to new compiler profiting from new optimizations
- updated a bunch of internal libraries to the latest versions

- fixed an issue with "opencv_world430.dll" not loading on some machines in previous version

- small update to Remote Triggering
- updated some of the internal libraries

- fixed issue with crash report generation/upload

- moved all licensing options to their own menu in the top menu bar
- added functionality to the top menu to remove license file (so you can install it on a different machine)

- updated the GUI stylesheet
- added MotionBuilder 2020 plugin
- trial now records up to 10 seconds
- consolidated some cross application code
- added option to directly upload a crash report to the Brekel server
- added toggle option to Settings menu at the top for turning High DPI Scaling On/Off on next application start
- started digitally signing executable to help alleviate anti-virus false positives

- added error message popup window when a file cannot be written to alert the user more vigorously
- internal changes to movie writer
- internally switched to a different library packaging system
- updated internal libraries to latest versions
- cleaned up dll files

- internal changes to movie writer
- fixed an issue where timestamps could sometimes not get reset properly

- Unreal Live Link enabled state wasn't saved/loaded between sessions, fixed now
- added MotionBuilder 2019 plugin
- rearranged MotionBuilder plugins page in the installer
- moved log and all other user settings file to Brekel folder in Documents folder
  - to avoid clutter when using multiple Brekel apps on a machine
- updated to latest Qt and OpenCV libraries

- added a fix for a problem where on a small number of machines acquisition threads couldn't be stopped after a recording
  - which could result in many additional frames
  - which could appear as no animation being exported or with very weird timestamps
- changed video writer to an all new FFMPEG backend
  - made some changes to the supported codecs
  - most files export to an MP4 container now
- changed the preview movie output to H264 MP4 files
- fixed a few small memory leak in the GUI and recording systems

- added a PZ2 template for Poser/DAZ Genesis8 figures
- added functionality for live streaming into Unreal Engine4 using their "Live Link" protocol
  - added example FBX file ("UnrealEngine4" folder in installation folder)
  - added chapter to the documentation
  - note: live streaming is not available in the free Trial version, simply request an evaluation version if you want to test this

- added functionality to render preview to a movie file
- timestamp in TCP/UDP stream sometimes wasn't accurate due to floating point precision
  - the timestamp now rolls around every 1000 seconds to leave more room for decimal precision

- added additional out of bounds check in memory managment of recorder to prevent crash during export
- switched back to a slightly slower but more robust way of rendering the face mesh
- error checking and reporting in rare cases where an invalid timestamp range is detected during recording
- removed "draw skeleton" from the 2D views as it was causing problems on some machines/drivers
- openGL update of 3D and 2D views are now synchronized

- when network streaming (TCP/IP, UDP & OSC) and playing back data on the Preview tab it should now
  stream the data from the last recording instead of live data

- fixed a bug that could crash the BVH exporter in some cases when multiple bodies/faces were detected in a sequence
- removed GUI widget to set Oculus Rift rendering, as it wasn't functional anymore anyway
- switched to latest FBX SDK
- added extra options for writing older FBX formats
- changed FBX file type naming to 2006-2018 naming convention, with internal file format (v6.1 - v7.5) in parentheses

- added additional memory validation checks in internal animation curve preparation to prevent acessing out of bound memory in rare cases on some setups

- fixed a problem that could cause a crash on export
- tracking FPS was not being smoothed resulting in "low light level" warnings on tiny fluctuations
- upgraded internal libraries for latest security and performance updates
- now compiled with visual studio 2017

- fixed crash log files as some filetypes were giving issues with the new mail server
- when using "Record Triggering" the "Append Date/Time" is now respected when it's enabled on the Master 

- solved problem with smoothing filter where point could potentially stay lost after disappearing
- updated internal libraries to latest version to take advantage of latest
  - performance updates
  - security updates

- "Auto Filename" is now renamed to "Append Data/Time"
  - it will now always respect the manually set filename
  - and when turned ON simply append the date/time to it
- added logger window
  - the info from the black console window is now displayed in a logging window in the GUI of the app
  - logging info is also saved to a log file (in your My Documents folder)
- Added crash reporting feature
  - when a crash is detected log files and debugging info is collected
  - a zip file will be placed on your desktop
  - and a dialog box will ask you to send this file by email so the cause can be debugged

- added MotionBuilder 2018 plugins
- 2D and 3D openGL drawing should be a bit more efficient now
- increased size of font in black console window
- file browser windows now handle symbolic links correctly
- fixed a bug where camera could get too close to it's target
- updated libraries to latest versions

- fixed a problem with "error loading aruco130.dll" on some machines (bug was only in v2.25)

- redrawing of some of the OpenGL widget should be a bit quicker now
- file browsers should now work with symbolic links
- prevented the 3D camera to dolly past it's near plane
- updated some of the internal libraries to latest versions

- added link to the Unity live streaming example script/scene to the help menu
- fixed problem with poser templates where negative values for neck/head multiplier wouldn't work.
- fixed problem with neck/head multipliers not saving when changed in the Poser Template Editor

- added timestamps to OSC packets
- license installer should now warn if no license key file was found in a zip archive
- "new version available" window now shows full changelog, not just the last change

- added option to stream OSC (Open Sound Control) data out to other applications  (see documentation on available OSC messages)

- solved some audio related crashes on certain machines
- upgraded C++ 2015 redistributable installer to SP3 to avoid problems for fresh installs

- option (from the top menu) to slowly flash the sensor's LEDs during recording
- added options (in sensor tab) for controlling auto or manual exposure of the color camera
- added internal options that try harder to maintain 30 fps mode for the color camera
- made compressed BPC files a little smaller

- FBX was always using v7 Binary, fixed now, should respond the the GUI setting

- fixed multi threaded race condition in recording code
- fixed console font size for Win10 anniversary update
- small fix in FBX exporter for non-standard frame rates

- better support for high DPI screens
- added support for for MotionBuilder 2017
- updated to Visual Studio 2015 & Qt 5.7
- discontinued Oculus Rift support (for now)
- 8-bit audio is no longer supported

- audio waveform display now turns red if audio is clipped when volume is set too high
- added a slider for adjusting the audio recording volume
- added the option to play the audio from the selected input over the speakers
- added option to turn of audible beeps at recording start/stop
- network status GUI widget is now correctly updated
- small change to the MotionBuilder internals when switching between TCP/UDP

- fixed some memory management in 3D data exporter to prevent crashes when saving files

- fixed preview functionality
- enforced Unicode compiler settings to hopefully help prevent crashes when working with special characters in filenames/folders

- fixed possible crash at startup
- frame timestamps are measured more accurately now
- mouse-over tooltips are now opaque for better readability

- internal changes for Multi-Sensor alpha:
- some small change to update mechanism
- C++ redistributable libraries (vc_redist) are now installed in a different way

- internal changes for Multi-Sensor alpha (coming soon for pointcloud recording)
- small modification on checking if update is available

- "Colorize Bodies" for Depth got broken, fixed now
- "Clip Bodies" for PointCloud got broken, fixed now

- each video recorder now does it's compression on a separate thread
- MJPEG codec red & blue channels are no longer swapped
- sensor transform is now correctly saved to the registry when running headless mode
- internal memory management speed optimizations
- more work done under the hood to support the upcoming Multi Sensor add-on
- updated audio dlls

- moved Color & Point compression settings to the BPC groupbox under 3D Output Formats
- added a Video tab for recording the 2D views in AVI format
  - select one or more of these video sources: InfraRed, Depth, BodyIDs, Color
  - select from these codecs: XVID, MJPEG, X264, Lagarith, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV, FLV, Ogg Vorbis
  (note that this may be dependent on your machine's resources and installed codecs)

- added Color & Point compression setting for BPC files
  With compression enabled filesize reductions of 75% compared to Lossless can typically be achieved
  Compared to older versions of the software this can even be 85-90%!
- installer now removes files of previous version first before installing

- added option to render 3D viewport to an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset (tested with SDK
- fixed some bugs in the recorder's memory management, preventing possible crashes
- added option to menu to help with manual license installation
- a Network Triggered recording will now create a folder if it has to
- internal engine updates to support upcoming Multi Sensor Calibrator Alpha
- included Poser/DAZ template for Genesis3 figures
- updated to Qt 5.5

- fixed bug in smoothing code that could cause problems especially on fast machines
- added a "Viewport Settings" window under the top "Settings" dropdown menu
  allowing to customize the viewport drawing and colors
- double clicking the main viewport now toggles it being fullscreen
  can be disabled from the top "Settings" dropdown menu

- fixed bug where Remote Trigger could fire record start signals for formats that were disabled
- incoming signals for Remote Trigger for BVH, PZ2 and FSQ should now work
- added a headless mode
	- allows running the application without a GUI
	- in case you only want to stream data to other applications with minimal overhead
	- in case you just want a machine to be a Record Triggering slave with minimal overhead
	- see PDF documentation for commandline options
- fixed bug where Remote Trigger could fire record start signals for formats that were disabled
- if dropped frames are detected during recording this is now printed in the widget that lists recording length
  - this could for example happen when:
    - computer is too slow
    - disk is too slow (especially when recording BPC pointcloud files)
	- another program is interfering with the recording (for example overactive security software)

- facepoints are now oriented to face mask mesh in FBX recordings as well as streaming
- CPU usage is now measured more accurately
- adjusted Lips Pucker shape to protrude lips a bit more

- installer will now warn if not running Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10
- added Unity example script and sample scene showing how to stream realtime data
- added zipped Unity assets in case you don't want to use the UnityPackage
  - for example when non-Unity users want to peek at the C# network code
- added plugin for MotionBuilder 2016

- license installation is now done with elevated administrator privileges to avoid problems on certain machines
- PZ2 files were applying wrong neck/head offset, fixed now

- first official release
- now provides some additional help when license extraction/copy fails

 v0.93 (RC2)
- now saves closest subject's scale/offset values when "all" is selected
- FBX face mesh had inverted normals, fixed now
- actor calibration and scale/offsets were sometimes reset when face was lost, fixed now
- actor calibration shape wasn't exported to FBX, fixed now
- GUI wasn't being reverted correctly when stopping actor calibration, fixed now

 v0.92 (RC1)
- added "Set Neutral" button to main GUI so you don't have to open the "Animation Unit Scale/Offset" tools for it
- animation units are now correctly displayed on mouse-over in the animation unit widget
- subsequent actor calibration work now, no longer need to restart the application inbetween
- actor calibration helper text is now drawn in the 3D viewport
- removed mirror functionality since it didn't work properly for exported files
- toggling of pointcloud drawing no longer hides face in some cases
- many options (output formats, networking etc) now display information in the tool section title bar
- tips and documentation are now displayed in the statusbar when you mouse-over buttons/settings

- included PDF documentation
- removed CPU RDRAND check at startup as it may have been too restrictive

- neck/head default rotation now matches global space
- neck joint is now smoothed along with the head
- MotionBuilder plugin now correctly creates face points
- MotionBuilder plugin now streams neck transform data
- MotionBuilder plugin now records data in characterFace node
- fixed crash after actor calibration
- extended BETA period (no new license needed)

- implemented Preview tab, for replay of the last take after recording
- added toggle for drawing face points
- number of recorder frames/secs in GUI is now actually updated during recording
- added additional check for required CPU RDRAND support
- added "genesis1" PZ2 template

- body joint drawing in 2D views should be more stable now
- depth gamma is now set to 0.1 by default
- when not drawing pointcloud CTRL+A (frame pointcloud) now frames the faces instead (like CTRL+F)
- beter initialization for new faces (should no longer distorted vertices in rare cases)
- changed some things in the network protocol so it's easier to read from user's code
- updated MotionBuilder plugins with the new network protocol
- added warning message at startup when CPU doesn't support SSE instruction set needed for face tracking
- added "ben" PZ2 template
- added "jessi" PZ2 template
- added "katie" PZ2 template
- added "M4" PZ2 template
- added "ryan" PZ2 template
- added "simon" PZ2 template
- added "sydney" PZ2 template
- added "V4" PZ2 template
- added message to request help testing PZ2 templates

- implemented PZ2 export
  - included "genesis2" template (tested with DAZ 4.7)
  - included "alyson" template (untested, multipliers may need tuning by beta testers)
  - included "james" template (untested, multipliers may need tuning by beta testers)
  - if you have characters with different templates please send me an exported PZ2 file
  - you can create new templates by searching for things like "brow", "lip", "mouth" in a PZ2 file from your character
- arrow drawing in viewport during actor calibration got broken in v0.50, fixed now
- default camera view is a bit further away from the model now
- browse button for BVH should work properly now
- optimized internal body and 2D face processing
- TXT & CSV now exports neck & head position/rotation

- bugfix to prevent crashes in face drawing code
- bugfix to prevent cases when face would not draw
- bugfix to prevent animation unit display to draw data for faces that aren't tracked anymore

- implemented BVH recorder (not as accurate and complete as FBX)
  - exports head joint (position/rotation)
  - face joints (as rotations)
  - rotators for each animation unit
- FBX now also exports neck joint
- download link from help menu now points to beta downloads page (instead of non-existing retail one)
- OpenGL view uses a longer lens now, better suited for faces

- multiple actor workflow is now supported
- File > Exit from the top menu now works
- added actor calibration status information for each of the 6 subjects
- you can now load/reset actor calibrations for a specific or all subjects
- you can now load/reset scale/offsets for a specific or all subjects
- added status info (min/max) during auto tuning
- added toggles to enable/disable particular animation units for auto tuning
- tweaked Lip Stretch shapes to have a smoother falloff
- symmetry constraint got broken, fixed now

- implemented new Animation Unit widget, can display data from multiple faces now
- FBX now contains nulls for each animation unit with data applied in translate Y (for apps that don't deal with the blendshaped mesh well)
- FBX now contains joints for moving parts of the face (note that the mesh in the FBX uses blendshapes for deformation)
- fixed "Resample Frame Rate" for all outputs (didn't actually work before)
- file save dialogs now say "Save" on the button
- increased speed for text drawing in 3D and 2D viewports
- animation unit clamping is now ON by default
- fixed crash on "Reset Actor Calibration"

- implemented Cryengine (FSQ) file format
- implemented TXT file format 
- implemented CSV file format 
- renamed "Build Actor Representation" to "Actor Calibration"
- "Actor Calibration" data is now loaded into the tracker to help tracking accuracy
- removed deformation sliders in "Actor Calibration" since it's a bad to manually tweak these
- removed "Synchronize Streams" toggle from the GUI since it needs to be handled internally for face tracking
- when floor can't be detected this is now mentioned in the GUI on the Sensor tab
- compacted the GUI margins a bit
- added resizer bar between 3D viewport and animation unit bars

- initial public beta release